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CLAP and syphilis, sometimes called the venereal diseases, are two of the worst diseases known to mankind, and among the most common.

CLAP [Gonorrhea]

Clap is a germ disease. It is caused by a little germ called the gonococcus, which gets into the penis and causes a thick yellow discharge. It may also cause stricture.

A stricture is a scar which closes the passage and makes it hard or even impossible to urinate. When stricture reaches this last stage it can be cured only by a surgical operation.

The first sign of clap is usually a burning pain in the penis when passing water. This occurs about three to ten days after going with a woman who has the disease.

The urine at this time may show fine flakes. A day or two later pus comes from the mouth of the penis. Every drop of this pus contains thousands of germs. If the smallest particle gets into the eye it may cause total blindness.

If not treated promptly and properly, clap produces serious after-effects. It may keep you from having children. It may give you a painful kind of rheumatism. It may attack the heart, the bladder, or the kidneys.