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'Does Arvie live here, old woman?'


'Strike me dead! carn't yer answer a civil queschin?'

'How dare you talk to me like that, you young larrikin? Be off! or I'll send for a policeman.'

'Blarst the cops! D'yer think I cares for 'em? Fur two pins I'd fetch a push an' smash yer ole shanty about yer ears―y'ole cow! I only arsked if Arvie lived here! Holy Mosis! carn't a feller ask a civil queschin?'

'What do you want with Arvie? Do you know him?'

'My oath! Don't he work at Grinder Brothers? I only come out of my way to do him a good turn; an' now I'm sorry I come―damned if I ain't―to be barracked like this, an j shoved down my own throat. (Pause). I want to tell Arvie that if he don't come ter work termorrer, another bloke '11 collar his job. I wouldn't like to see a cove collar a cove's job an' not tell a bloke about it. What's up with Arvie, anyhow? Is he sick?'

'Arvie is dead!'