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Mag.] Ay, ay, that’s your way of doing and his, but it’s no the way of ither honest fouk: see what the minister will say to it.

Mit.] The minister is but a mortal man, an there's defections in his members as well as mine.

Mag.] Ay, but fouk should ay strive to mortify their members.

Mit.] An that is your Whigry? Will you or ony body else, wi’ your mortifying o' your members, prevent what’s to come to pass? I wish I saw the minister an his elders, but I’se gie him scripture for a' he’s done yet; tell na me about the mortifying o’ members, gin he had gotten a bystart, let her an him feed it between them, an they su'd gie t soup about; but she maun keep it the first quarter, an be that time muckle black lady will be cauft, we fall fell the cauf an foster the wean on the cow’s milk; that’s a better mense for a saut, than a’ your mortifying o‘ members, an a' your repenting stools; a wheen Papist rites an rotten ceremonies, fashing fouks wi sack gowns an buttock-masts, an I dinna ken what, but bide you till I fee the minister.


NOW Jockey an his mither went into the little byre, and held a private meeting, nane present but auld Brucke an the twa brutes the bits a couties.

Mit] Ya filthy dog an be drown’d to you, how could ye confess fae meikle to maislie blanket Marion, altho' she be her mither.

Jock.] O mither! mither! say nae mair about it, my ain wind has dung me dourly! sadly have I suffered for that, an'ye ken a’ the misery's com’d o er our Maggy, my mouth’s the mither o’t, fae had your tongue I tell ye now.

Mit.] An tell y me to haud my tongue, an ye had a houden your tongue an your tail, an a done as I bade you, ye didna hane sae muckle ado the day, daft silly dog it thou is.