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wife like mysel, I cou’d tell you a’ about it, but you that’s ladies, I canna ase freedom wi’ ye, because I haena Latin. But waes me, we that’s poor fouk is born to mony saelins an backward fans, this lad is my son, an am his mither, he has had the foul fortune to get a bystart bairn, nae doubt but we hae a’ been guilty o’ as muckle, an ne’er a word about it, a what say ye madam?

Off goes the lass, saying, Foul fa’ the wife, for I was ne’er guilty o’t.

Just.] Well goodwife, what is the reason but ye let your son give satisfaction to the kirk?

Mit.] Deed stir, he’s no denying the bairn, but he’ll no hae the black-stool.

Just.] Ay, but I'll tell you, them that gets a bastard, gets the black-stool to the bargain, and as he is in my hands now, he must find caution that he will answer the session, and be subject to the law.

Mit ] Ony thing ye like, stir, but that shamefu' stance, the black-stool; here‘s uncle Rabby, an auld Sandy the Soutor, will be caution that we’s face the session on Sunday, the lad‘s wae enough he did it, but he canna help it now, the weans born and by hand: Sae guidnight wi' your honour's ladyship 'tiz the first time e‘er I was before you.

On Sabbath after sermon the session met, John and his mother is call'd upon, he enters courageously, saying, Goodeen to you Master Minister, bellman an’elders a‘, my mither an me is baith here.

Mess John.] Then let her in, come awa' goodwife, What’s the reason you keep your son so long back from answering the session? you see it is the thing you are obliged to do at last.

Mit.] Deed stir, I think there needs na be nae mair wark about it I think, whan he's gien the lazy hulk the mither o't baith meal an groats to maintain't ye needna sash him, he's a dutifu' father indeed, weel I wat, when he feeds his bystarts sae weel.