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Jockey.HEY Maggy wiltu stay and tak kent fouks hame wi' ye the night?

Mag.] Wiltu come awa’ than Johnny, I fain wad be hame or the kye come in, our meikle Riggy is sic a rummling royte, she rins ay thro’ the byre, and flicks a the bits a couties; my mither is na able to had her up to her ain stake.

Jock.] Hute, we’ll be hame in braw time woman; And how’s a' your fouks at hame?

Mag.] Indeed I canna well tell you, man, our guidman is a’ gane wi’ the gut, my mither is very frail, my father he’s ay wandering about and widdling amang the beasts.

Jock.] But dear Maggy, they tell me we’re gawn to get a wedding of thee and Andrew Merrymouth the laird’s gardener.

Mag.] Na, na, he maun hae a brawer lass to be his wife than the like o’ me, but auld Tammy Tailtrees was seeking me, my father wad a bane me to tak him, but my mither wadna let, there was an odd debate about it, my guidame wad a sticket my mither wi’ the grape, if my father had na chanc’d to founder her wi’ the beetle.

Jock.] Hegh woman, I think your father was a fool for fashing wi him, auld slavery duse, he wants naething of a cow but the clutes, your guidame may tak him hersel, twa auld tottering stumps, the tane may fair the tither fu' well.

Mag.] Ach man! I wad a tane thee or ony body to bane them greed again, my father bled my guidame’s nose, and my guidame brak my mither’s thumb, the neighbour’s came rinning in, but I had the luck to baud my father’s hands, till yence my guidame plotted him wi' the broe that was to mak our brose.

Jock.] Dear Maggy, I hae something to tell you ah ye wadna be angry at it?