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Jock.] Just when she came to be my mither's lass, I never saw her but ance before, an gin I had never seen her, I had never kend her after sic a fashious fashion.

Mess John.] How long was she serving with your mother?

Jock.] Just twa hailyerts; an I got her wi’ bairn about a year after she came, and 'tis no a year yet since I was married.

Mess John.] Dear John there is a contradiction indeed, a woman cannot go two years with child.

Jock.] Deed stir, it was then the wean was first gotten.

Mess John.] A John, John, I find you out to be a sinful liver, you and that woman has had carnal dealings for some time; it is ill keeping the cow out of the corn, if she once get a way of going to it, ye should actually a married the poor woman, when ye cohabited so long together.

Jock.] No stir, we didna cow-habit together, tho she kist me, an I kist her, sometimes in the barn, an sometimes in the byre; nane kent o’t but my mither, an she wadna let me tak her, but sent me awa ta court our Maggy.

His mither cries thro’ the hole o' the door: A ye senseless sumph, is that a’ the thanks I get for counselling you to do well, war na me ye wad a been married on a lown-like, leepet, lazy lump, who had neither wit nor wyles, no sue muckle judgment as wyle the wind frae her tail but lute it gang afore fouks.

Up gets the elders, crying, Fy, fy, Duncan the bellman, drive that wicked wife frae the door, she disturbs us all.

Duncan runs to the door whispering, shame fa, you for a wife, haud out o’ that: but I wad rather hear you, as hear them yet.

Mess John] Now John, will ye be so plain as tell me whether ye promised to marry the woman or no, when ye lay with her.