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[ 55 ]

borderers, and a mill of the value of 6 ſhillings. It is worth 25 ſhillings.

30. William de Belfou has 1 hide, with a church in Marleberge, which is worth 30 ſhillings.

31. Briſtoardus, a prieſt, holds the church of Bedvinde; his father held it T. R. E. One hide and a half belongs to it. Here is 1 ploughland. It was worth, and is worth 60 ſhillings.

II. Lands of the Bishop of Winchester.

1. The Biſhop of Wincheſter holds Duntone. It was aſſeſſed T. R. E. at 97 hides. Two of theſe do not now belong to the Biſhop, as they were taken away, with 3 others, from the

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