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VII. Lands of the Church of Glastonbury.

1. The church of St. Mary at Glaſtonbury holds Dohreham, and it was aſſeſſed T. R. E. at 52 hides. Here are 30 ploughlands. Sixteen of theſe hides are in demeſne, where are 4 ploughlands and 6 ſervants, and 38 fiſhermen. Fourteen villagers and 17 borderers occupy 19 ploughlands. Four mills pay 20 ſhillings, and here are 26 acres of meadow. The paſture is 4 miles and a half in length, and a mile and a half in breadth. The wood is 5 furlongs in length and 4 broad. Serlo holds of this manor 5 hides. The wife of Hugo 3 hides. Roger 1 hide and 8 acres. Thoſe who held them T. R. E. could not be ſeparated from the church. The whole manor T. R. E. was valued at 36 pounds. It now pays 61 pounds. But it is not reckoned by the ſurveyors at more than 45 pounds, on account of the confufion of the lands, and becauſe the demeſne is rated