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menſe, where are 2 ploughlands, and 2 ſervants. Ten villagers and 8 cottagers occupy 5 ploughlands. The mill pays 5 ſhillings; and here is 1 acre of meadow. The paſture is 3 quarters of a mile ſquare. A Thane holds a hide and a half of this land, nor can he be removed from the ſervices of the church. When the abbot Turſtin took poſſeſſion of this manor, it was valued at 8 pounds; now at 10 pounds.

4. The ſame church holds Criſtemeleforde. It was aſſeſſed T.R.E. at 20 hides. Here are 10 ploughlands. Fourteen of theſe hides are in demeſne, where are 3 ploughlands and 2 ſervants. Eleven villagers and 12 borderers, and 12 cottagers occupy 6 ploughlands. Two mills pay 40 ſhillings; and here are 36 acres of meadow. The wood is a mile and a half in length, and 3 quarters of a mile in breadth. Robert holds half a hide of this land, and Edward 1 yardland, which tainland T. R. E.