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[ 103 ]

could not be alienated from the church. The whole manor is valued at 10 pounds and 10 ſhillings. The abbot of Glastonbury gave T. R. E. 6 acres of meadow in Stantone to Brictric. Oſbern Gifart holds them now. He likewiſe gave 4 acres of meadow in Liteltone to Alward. Biſhop Geoffry holds them now. Theſe 10 acres of meadow ought to be conſidered as part of Criſtemeleforde.

5. The ſame church holds Badeberie which was aſſeſſed T. R. E. at 20 hides. Here are 10 ploughlands. Thirteen hides and a half are in demeſne, where are 3 ploughlands and

ſervants. Eleven villagers and 10 borderers occupy 3 ploughlands. The mill pays 40 pence, and here are 100 acres of meadow. The paſture is a mile and a half long, and 3 furlongs broad. A burgage in Crichelade pays 5 pence. It was valued at 8 pounds; now at 10.

6. The