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[ 103 ]

[ 103 ] could not be alienated from the church. The whole manor is valued at 10 pounds and 10 Shillings. The abbot of Glastonbury gave T. R. E. 6 acres of meadow in Stantone to Brit?ric. Oſbern Gifart holds them now. He likewiſe gave 4 acres of meadow in Liteltone to Alward. Biſhop GeofFry holds them now. Theſe 10 acres of meadow ought to be con- ſidered as part of Criſtemeleforde.

5. The ſame church holds Badeberie which was aſſeſſed T. R. E. at 20 hides. Here are 10 ploughlands. Thirteen hides and a half are in demeſne, where are 3 ploughlands and

ſervants. Eleven villagers and 10 borderers 

occupy 3 ploughlands. The mill pays 40 pence, and here are 100 acres of meadow. The paſture is a mile and a half long, and 3 fur- longs broad. A burgage in Crichelade pays

pence. It was valued at 8 pounds; now 

at 10.

H 4 6. The