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[ xxvii ]



N. B. The original names are to be found in the firſt column, and the modern names in the ſecond.

The larger figures, in the reference, direct the reader to the Proprietors of the land; and the ſmaller figures, to the ſections of that number, in which the place is deſcribed.

As it may be in the power of many of his readers to correct the errors, or ſupply the deficiencies of the Index, the Editor hopes that, by their kind aſſiſtance, it may be made complete.

Where the Q, is introduced before the modern name, it is to be underſtood, that the Editor is either doubtful whether the application is juſt, or whether the place is to be found in the County.

Adelingtone Allington XXVI, 1.
Adhelmertone Hilmarton XXXII, 9.
Aiſtone Aſhton XV, 2.
Aifi Eyſey XIX, 2.
Alboldintone ———— XXIII, 4.
Aldeborne Albourn I, 10.