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and a half, and the out burgeſſes have 9 cottagers, who are aſſeſſed with the burgeſſes. The Abbot of Glaſtonbury has 2 meſſuages. Edward the Sheriff 3 meſſuages. Radulfus de Mortemer has 1 and a half. Durandus de Glouceſtre 1 and a half. William de Ow 1. Humphry de L'iſle 1. Oſbernus Giffard 1. Alured de Merlebergh has half a ruined meſſuage. Geoffry Mariſcal the like. Tovi has 1 meſſuage and the fourth part of another. Drogo the ſon of Ponz half a one. The wife of Edricus has one. Roger de Berchelai holds 1 under the King, and Ernulfus de Heſding the like, which he unguardedly took poſſeſſion of. Theſe two do no ſervices. The King has a waſte ſpot of land which belonged to Azor.