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6. Walter Hoſed pays the King 8 pounds from 2 parts of the borough of Malmeſberie, and the borough itſelf paid as much [1]T.R.E. and the pleas of the hundreds of Cicem̄tone and Suteleſberg were holden in this manor which belonged to the King. The borough pays 100 ſhillings in money. [2]The Earl Harold had an acre of land in this borough in which are 4 meſſuages, and 6 others ruinous, and a mill pays 10 ſhillings. All this paid T. R. E. 100 ſhillings, and when the King undertook any expedition, either by ſea or land, he accepted either 20 ſhillings towards the maintenance of his ſailors, or took with him 1 man for the honour of 5 hides.

1. The

  1. Whenever T. R. E. appears in the tranſlation, it muſt be underſtood to mean. In the time of King Edward the Confeſſor.
  2. Harold the King, is always ſtiled Comes in Domeſday, becauſe his right to the crown was never allowed by William.