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I. The Lands of the King.

1. The King holds Cauna. King Edward held it, and it was never aſſeſſed, and therefore it is unknown how many hides it may be worth. But there are 29 ploughlands; 8 of which and 8 ſervants are in demeſne. Thirty-ſeven villagers, 78 borderers, and 10 coliberts occupy the other 21 ploughlands. Forty-five burgeſſes and 7 mills pay 4 pounds, 12 ſhillings, and ſixpence. There are 50 acres of meadow, and the paſture is 3 miles in length, and a mile and a half in breadth. This town provides one night's entertainment for the King's houſhold, with it's uſual cuſtoms. Nigellus holds the church of this manor with 6 hides of land under the King, where are 5 ploughlands, 2 of which and 6 ſervants are in demeſne. Seven villagers, 2 borderers, and 11 cottagers occupy the other three. Here are 2 mills of the value of 20 ſillings, and 25 burgeſſes pay 20 ſhillings.