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them. Earl William gave Quinton, Svindone and Chevrell, all which were Thane lands, in exchange for lands in the Iſle of Wight which belonged to the manor of Ambleſberie.

4. The King holds Guerminſtre. King Edward held it, and it was neither aſſeſſed nor hided. There are 40 ploughlands; 6 of which, with 24 ſervants, and 13 hogkeepers, are in demeſne. Fifteen villagers, 8 cottagers, and 14 coliberts occupy the reft. There are 7 mills of the value of 4 pounds, and 80 acres of meadow. The paſture is a mile and a half long, and 3 quarters of a mile broad. The wood is 3 miles long and 2 broad. Here are 30 burgeſſes. This manor provides one night's entertainment for the King, with all it's uſual cuſtoms.

5. The King holds Chepeham. King Edward held it. It was neither aſſeſſed nor hided. Here are 100 ploughlands; 16 of which, with

28 ſer-