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ſervants, are in demeſne. Forty-eight villagers, and 45 borderers, and 20 cottagers, and 23 hogkeepers, occupy 66 ploughlands. Here are 12 mills of the value of 6 pounds, and 100 acres of meadow. The wood is 6 miles ſquare. The paſture 3 miles long, and a mile and a half broad. This manor, with it's appendages, provides one night's entertainment for the King, with all uſual cuſtoms, and is valued at 110 pounds by tale. Biſhop Oſbern holds the church of this manor, with 2 hides, from the time of the Confeſſor. One of theſe hides is Thaneland, and the other belongs to the church. The whole is worth 55 ſhillings. A certain land, which King Edward gave to Vlviet his huntſman and was part of his demeſne, belongs to this manor. This is now the King's, and is reckoned at 1 hide. It conſiſts of 2 ploughlands, and 3 ſervants. Four villagers and 4 cottagers occupy 1 of them. The paſture is half a mile long and a furlong broad. It is worth 3 pounds. There