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is half a yardland belonging to this manor, which was formerly Thaneland. Edricus held it T. R. E.

6. The King holds Bretforde, King Edward held it, and it was aſſeſſed at 1 hide. Here are 20 ploughlands. Two of which, with 6 ſervants, and 10 coliberts, are in demeſne. Twelve villagers, 6 borderers, and 14 cottagers, occupy 17 ploughlands. Here are 2 mills of the value of 20 ſhillings, and 100 acres of meadow. The paſture is a mile and a half long, and 3 quarters of a mile broad. This manor lets for 30 pounds by weight. The wood is in the King's hands, and from thence he receives 40 ſhillings. Oſbern the prieſt holds the church of this manor, with 1 hide of land that belongs to the church. It is worth 40 ſhillings.

7. The King holds Theodulveſide. King Edward held it, and it was neither aſſeſſed nor