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The antient and authentick record of Domeſday Book having been univerſally eſteemed the foundation of Engliſh property, the origin from whence Antiquaries have commenced their enquiries, and beyond which it is almoſt uſeleſs for them to ſearch; the following extract is now offered to the Public, chiefly with the view of encouraging and promoting a general Hiſtory of Wiltſhire; ſuch an extract being the groundwork on which all our provincial Hiſtories muſt be erected.

Though the labour of tranſcribing and tranſlating the original text was of the dulleſt nature, yet the Editor chearfully entered upon the taſk, with a full conviction of it's utility, and with the pleaſing expectation that he may, in conſequence of it, ſoon ſee a Hiſtory of his native County.