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Judge if such women be chaste complete, With forty stones between their f--; But since 'tis so ye will come on, The greatest w-throw the first stone.

When he had ended with these words, “ The greatest w-throw the first stone," every one put it to another to cast the first stone, but knowing they would attain the character of a w-- for so doing, they all refused till the dying hour was past, and then he took a protest against them, and by that means he gained his life. After this, he was admitted into the queen's favour and presence, and attended the court as formerly. 4. About this time, the French king, in order to pick a quarrel with the court of Britain, sent a letter to the king, desiring it to be read before the parlia- ment: and the writing was as follows ; " Will I come ? Will I come? Will I come?"- This letter being read before the king and his courtiers, they all concluded that the French king designed to invade England; herefore they ordered an answer to be wrote, upbraid- ing him with the broach of peace, and putting him in mind of the last treaty. The answer being road before the king and his nobles, they all agreed that it should be sent off. But George, smiling, and shaking his head, cried out, Many men, many minds, Who knows what he designs ? Then they asked George what the French king meant by such a lotter? to which he answered, I suppose he wants an invitation to come over and dine with you, and thon return in a friendly manner; but you are going to charge him with a breach of peace, before he has given any signal of offence or war: his letter is in- deed dark and mystical, but send him an answer ac-