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BRINKER, Jean Beatrice Weber (Mrs. Frank Markley Brinker), Lackawanna, Erie Co., N.Y.

Born Buffalo, N.Y., May 6, 1869; dau. Col. John B. and Elizabeth (Farthing) Weber; ed. public schools, Buffalo; Wells Coll., B.A. (valedictorian of class); m. Buffalo, 1893, Frank Markley Brinker. Interested in church societies, Children's Aid Soc., Buffalo, a society interested in helping newsboys and homeless boys to help themselves; traveled in European countries, studying in art galleries and attending expositions. Mem. Phoenix Literature Soc, Catalia Soc. of Wells Coll., Collegiate Alumnae of N.Y. State, Buffalo; St. Paul's Aid Soc. of Buffalo, Children's Aid Soc, Collegiate Alumnse of U.S. Episcopalian. Rather opposed to woman suffrage.

BRINSMADE, Ada Gibson Colton (Mrs. William Gold Brinsmade), The Ridge School, Washington, Conn.

Principal of boys' school; b. Washington, Conn., Nov. 5, 1864; dau. Rev. Willis S. and Lucy Parsons (Gibson) Colton; ed. Washington, Conn., in Gunnery School; m. Warren, Conn., Dec. 24, 1885, William Gold Brinsmade; one daughter, Dorothy. With husband built and founded the Ridge School for boys in 1894. Since his death in 1908 has carried on the school which is now for boys under 14 only. Pres. of Woman Suffrage League of Washington, Conn. Congregationalist. Holds progressive political views. Recreations: Gardening, walking, driving, etc.

BRINSMADE, Mary Gold Gunn (Mrs. John Chapin Brinsmade), Washington, Conn.

Born Washington, Conn.; dau. Frederick William and Abigail Irene (Brinsmade) Gunn; ed. Gunnery School; m. Oct. 4, 1876, John Chapin Brinsmade; children: Frederick Gunn, William Bartlett, Chapin, Eleanor Gold, Mary, John Chapin Jr., Charlotte Blake, Abigail Irene. Born and brought up in the Gunnery School; taught in the school for several years, and has been mistress and mother since 1881. Interested in the New Haven branch Women's Board of Foreign Missions, Homeland Circle for Home Missionary Work. Regent of Judea Chapter D.A.R. Mem. Washington (Conn.) Monday Club, Roquasset Club, Congregationalist. Favors woman suffrage; mem. of the League of Washington, Conn.

BRISCOE, Margaret Sutton (see Hopkins, Margaret Sutton Briscoe).

BRISTOL, Grace Whitman (Mrs. William Read Bristol), Beaufort, S.C.

Born Auburn, Me., Sept. 7, 1863; dau. Joshua Adams and Hannah F. (Emmons) Whitman; ed. Auburn, Me., and Beaufort, S.C., and in New England Conservatory of Music; m. Beaufort, S.C., July 14, 1885, William Read Bristol; one son: Harold Whitman. Organist of St. Helena Episcopal Church for 28 years. Interested in library work. Against woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. Benevolent Soc; pres. Ladies' Aid Soc. of St. Helena Episcopal Church. Pres. Clover Club since its organization, 1891; charter mem. Civic League.

BRISTOL, Helen Augusta Flack (Mrs. Royal A. Bristol), Claverack, N.Y.

Reader; b. Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; dau. Rev. Alouzo Flack, Ph.D. (pres. Claverack Coll.) and Mary Elizabeth (Johnson) Flack; grad. Claverack Coll., A.B. (valedictorian); mem. Addisonian Soc; m. Claverack, N.Y., June 23, 1881, Royal A. Bristol (now deceased). Has taught in Claverack Coll.; Hamlin Univ.; State Univ. of Minn.; High School, Yonkers, N.Y.; High School, Hudson, N.Y., and private school— gymnastics, elocution, expression, singing. Has taken charge, teaching and supervising, as superintendent teacher, etc., Sea Side Hospital, St. John's Guild, New Dorp, S.I.; one year at Hampton Inst., Va.; teacher and supervisor and superintendent, Domestic Training School, Minneapolis. Author of a short play: Uncle Sam's New Scholars, 1898, and short humorous poems. Methodist. Mem. Twenty-Minute Reading Club, Claverack.

BRISTOL, Helen Finlay Waltz, 2 35 N. 8th St., Quincy, Ill.

Born Quincy, Ill., Dec. 29, 1843; dau. Frederick K. and Jane Bell (Finlay) Carrott; grad. Quincy Coll., Ill., A.B. '66, A.M. '68; m. 1st, Sept. 22, 1870, Rev. Henry Clay Waltz (died 1877); 2d, to S. E. Bristol, May 22, 1880; children: Frederick Finlay Waltz, Merle Bowman Waltz. Principal public schools in Pueblo, Col., in 70's; taught higher mathematics and Latin in Quincy Coll.; ex-sec. and treas. of Dep't of Ill., Woman's Relief Corps; ex-pres. Local Council of Women; ex-treas. Woodland Hemy Orphanage; ex-treas. Atlantis Literary Soc; ex-treas. Woman's Exchange; treas. Methodist Church. Interested in suffrage movement in Wyoming in 70's; now mem. Executive Board of Quincy Woman's Suffrage Ass'n. Active in Sunday School work and in Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. Republican. Mem. Quincy Board of Education for 4 years.

BRITTAIN, Gertrude Fuller, 151 Greenwood N Av., East Orange, N.J.

Teacher; b. Malvern, Pa.; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '97. Teacher, Cloverdise School, Montclair, N.J., 1900-04; Dearborn-Morgan School, Orange, N.J., 1904-05; Bernardsville (N.J.) High School, 1905-09; East Orange (N.J.) High School since 1909.

BRITTEN, Flora Phelps Harley (Mrs. Fred Ernest Britten), 146 Massachusetts Av., Boston, Mass.

Lecturer; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 2, 1864; dau. David Saur and Jennie (Phelps) Harley; ed. Manistee (Mich.) High School; Univ. of Mich., B.A. '86; m. Manistee, Mich., April 29, 1886, Fred Ernest Britten; children: Clarence Dewey, b. 1887: Rollo Herbert, b. 1889; Merle DeWitt, b. 1891. Taught in public schools and in the art, Greek and Latin dep't of Central Univ. of Iowa, 1886-88; preached in mission in Neb. and as pastor of two different churches in Mich., 1888-91; national lecturer of the Prohibition Party, 1892-1901; office manager of Prohibition Party of Mich, about four years, 1898-1901; has been in W.C.T.U. work, chiefly as lecturer, since 1893; pres. B.W.L.T.U., 1904-09. In 1904 went into business; vice-pres. of Boston Development Co., and office manager; also vice-pres. and treas. of Cuba Fruit Co.; also office manager of Eastern business until 1912. Mem. of various temperance movements; active in various missionary efforts, both ladies and other lines. Published leaflet theses, in line with the temperance work, both political, and for Christian citizenship. Recreations: Baseball, football, tennis. Baptist. Favors woman suffrage.

BRITTINGHAM, Ellen Brooks Bradbury (Mrs. Russell Brittingham), 123 Washington St., East Orange, N.J.

Former teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '93. student of Latin, Harvard Summer School, 1897; English and educational methods, Columbia Univ., 1898-99; m. June 18, 1902, Russell Brittingham; children: Russell, b. Dec. 29 1904; Emily Bradbury, b. April 28, 1908. Teacher, Norfolk, Va., 1893-97; Westfield, N.J., 1897-98: Mary Brigham Inst., Paterson, N.J., 1898-1901.

BRITTON, Elizabeth Gertrude (Mrs. Nathaniel Lord Britton), 2965 Decatur Av., Bronx. N.Y City.

Honorary curator of mosses at N.Y. Botanical Garden; b. N.Y. City, Jan. 9, 1858; dau. James and Sophie Anne (Compton) Knight; ed. private schools and Normal Coll.; m. Aug. 27, 1885 Dr. Nathaniel Lord Britton (director N.Y. Botanical Garden). Professional botanist. Editor of the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club; contributor to the bulletins of the Torrey Botanical Club and N.Y. Botanical Garden, and bryologist on mosses. Mem. Torrey Botanical Club, Botanical Soc. of America, Wild Flower Preservation Soc, Woman's Municipal League (sec. and treas.), Sullivant Moss Soc, Associate Alumnae Normal Coll. Recreations: Walking, horseback riding, traveling. Against woman suffrage.

BRITTON, Ida Freeman (Mrs. Frank Hamilton Britton), 3671 Lindell Boul, St. Louis, Mo.

Born Ravenna, O., Aug. 19, 1848; dau. Stephen Rice and Lucretia (Seaton) Freeman; ed.