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(Weaver) Shellabarger; grad. Cincinnati Wesleyan Female Coll., B.A. '77 (mem. Lyceum); m. Decatur, Ill., 1884, Charles Sumner Cairns; children: Millard Shellabarger, b. 1887; Carl Albert, b. 1890; Donald Cairns, b. 1896 (deceased). Club woman since college days, also active in church and missionary societies; worked in State Federation on Forestry Bill and Traveling Library; now working on Minnesota Red Light Injunction and Abatement Law. Mem. and contributor to many other philanthropic and social service clubs. Presbyterian. Mem. Westminster Home and Foreign Missionary Soc, Juvenile Protection League, Woman's Welfare League, Bible League. Recreations: Concerts, lectures, Mem. Minneapolis Woman's Club.

CAIRO, Frances Lillian Wilmer (Mrs. Vincent Cairo), 354 E. 18th St., Flatbush, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Born Baltimore, Md.; dau. Lambert Alexander Wilmer (judge, author, journalist) and Sidney Ann Wilmer; ed. private schools; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 6, 1890, Vincent Cairo (merchant). Designer of artistic novelties which have had large sale in America and Europe; contributor to various periodicals. Interested in and connected with W.C.T.U. and several philanthropic organizations. Mem. Professional Woman's League, Woman suffrage Ass'n, Political Equality League and several women's clubs.

CALDWELL, Estella Riley (Mrs. J. S. Caldwell), 410 W. Eighth Av., Cincinnati, O.

Born Cincinnati, Sept 11, 1873; dau. John C. and Ellen Lyons (Lynch) Riley; ed. Univ. of Cincinnati, B.L., cum laude (Phi Beta Kappa); Laura Memorial Med. Coll., Cincinnati, M.D. (mem. Delta Delta Delta); m. Jan. 28, 1904, Dr. James Sterrett Caldwell; children: James Sterrett, Hamilton Allen. Prof, materia medica in Laura Memorial; sec. staff of Presbyterian Hospital; first woman dist. physician in Cincinnati, 1898-1904. Interested in church, social activities, mothers' clubs. Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Charter mem. and vice-pres. Hawthorn Club; vice-pres. Federation of Mothers' Clubs; treas. Sherman School Mothers' Club.

CALDWELL, Louise Orton (Mrs. Francis C. Caldwell), 206 Sixteenth Av., Columbus, Ohio.

Born Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1877; dau. Edward and Anna Davenport (Torrey) Orton; ed. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '99; m. Columbus, Ohio, July 12, 1900, Francis C. Caldwell; children: Anna Davenport, b. 1903; Edward Orton, b. 1905 (died 1909). Mem. Woman's Guild of the First Congregational Church, Home and School Ass'n (treas. of ass'n and chairman of Mound St. School luncheon), Deshler-Hunter Com. of Columbus Female Benevolent Soc. (cares for crippled children), Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, D.A.R. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. College Equal Suffrage League of Columbus. Mem. Congregational Church. Recreations: Reading and out-door excursions. President-elect of the Women's Club of Ohio State University; mem. Present Day Club, College Women's Club of Columbus.

CALDWELL, Willie Walker (Mrs. M. M. Caldwell), Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va.

Born Newborn, Pulaski Co., Va., 1860; dau. General James A. and Sarah Ann (Poage) Walker; ed. private school, Mary Caldwell Sem., Staunton, Va.; m. Wytheville, Va., 1888, Manley M. Caldwell; children: Virginia Graves, Sarah Poage, James A. Walkes. Edited a civic column for five years in Roanoke Times. Mem. Presbyterian Church; sec. church, Roanoke, Va.; worker in mission societies; pres. four years Roanoke Woman's Civic Betterment Club, also charter mem.; pres. Va. Fed. of Women's Clubs since May, 1912. Newspaper correspondent; writer of short stories for magazines; Novelette: The Tie that Binds. Mem. D.A.R., United Daughters Confederacy. Recreations: Reading, gardening, club work, social life. Presbyterian.

CALHOUN, Laura A. (Mrs. E. E. Calhoun), 419 W. 119th St., N.Y. City.

Author; b. en route to California, Jan. 27, 1847; dau. Abram and Hulda Davis; ed. public schools and high schools of Visalia, Cal., and private tutors; m. Judge E. E. Calhoun of Visalia; children: Eleanor Hulda (Princess Lazarovich-Hreblianovich), Virginia Catherine, Jessie Isabel (Mrs. William H. Anderson), Laura A., Mary Lee (deceased), Susan Patricia (deceased), James Ewing. Experimentalist in natural history. Instructor in physical culture and voice production. Inventor fruit-harvester, nut-lock, non-refillable bottle (two different kinds). Author of biological works, including The Law of Sex Determination and Its Practical Application. Catholic. Mem. League of the Sacred Heart, United Daughters of Confederacy, Los Angeles (Cal.) Chapter. Favors woman suffrage and the Am. Progressive Political Party.

CALHOUN, Sallie Williams (Mrs. Patrick Calhoun), Euclid Heights, Cleveland, O.

Born Charleston, S.C.; dau. George W. and Martha (Porter) Williams; took diploma from Charleston Female Sem.; m. Nov. 4, 1885, Patrick Calhoun; children: Martha, Margaret Green, Patrick, George Williams, John Caldwell, Andrew Pickens, Mildred Washington, Sallie Williams. Interested in Children's Hospital and Free Dispensary, School for Crippled Children, Rainbow Cottage. Episcopalian.

CALHOUN, Virginia Catherine, 419 W. 119th St., N.Y. City.

Actress, reader, lecturer; b. Visalia, Cal.; dau. Judge E. E. and Laura A. Calhoun; ed. San Jose public schools and State Normal School, Cal.; special tutors, London and Paris, music, French, German, Latin, literature, art. Connected with educational work, also civic and social work in San Jose and Santa Clara County, Cal. Mem. Sans Souci International French Alliance, Nat. Fed. of Theatre Clubs (N.Y. City), Elizabethean Stage Soc. (two years, beginning 1898, connected with their productions of classical drama), London, England; some time mem. Ben Greet Players, English provinces. Is giving professional dramatic recitals and productions of plays in America, including N.Y. City and Cal., the most notable Ramona, the California classic. Lecturer on art and political subjects. Writer French translations; author of plays and sketches, magazine and newspaper articles. Author: The World-Famous Artist-Model, Antonio Corsi. Favors woman suffrage and Am. Progressive Party.

CALKINS, Emily Blackwell Lathrop (Mrs. Raymond Calkins), Cambridge, Mass.

Born Astoria, L.I.; dau. John P. P. and Anna B. (Noyes) Lathrop; ed. Smith Coll., A.B. '92 (mem. Alpha); m. Sept. 14, 1899, Raymond Calkins. Active in parish work, settlement work, dist. nursing and tuberculosis work. Joint editor (with Raymond Calkins) of Substitutes for the Saloon, one of the series of volumes pub. by the Committee of Fifty. Episcopalian.

CALKINS, Emor L. (Mrs. Earl H. Calkins), 284 Champion St., Battle Creek, Mich.

Lecturer; b. Springville, N.Y.; dau. Joseph and Mary (Frank) Capron; ed. Griffith Inst., Springville, N.Y.; m. Dec. 28, 1876, Earl H. Calkins; children: Glena, Grace, Mildred. State vice-pres. of Ind. W.C.T.U., 1894; State pres. Mich. W.C.T.U. since 1905. Nat. lecturer for Equal Suffrage Ass'n for several years. Methodist.

CALKINS, Mary Whiton, 22 Bellevue St., Newton, Mass.

Professor philosophy, Wellesley Coll.; b. Hartford, Conn., Mar. 30, 1863; dau. Rev. Wolcott and Charlotte Grosvenor (Whiton) Calkins; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '85, M.A. '87; Columbia Univ., Litt.D. '09; student Harvard Annex, 1886-87, 1890-91, and passed Harvard Ph.D. examination, 1895; student of Greek, Univ. of Leipzig, 1886-87, and of psychology and philosophy at Berlin and Oxford, 1902. Tutor and instructor in Greek, Wellesley Coll., 1887-90; since then teaching psychology and philosophy as instructor, 1891-94, associate prof., 1894-97, and prof, since 1897, Wellesley Coll. Author: Introduction to Psychology (three editions); Der doppelte Standpunkt in der Psychologie; Persistent Problems of Philosophy (three editions); First Book in Psychology (two