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This page needs to be proofread.

the whole book, and most probably were engraved several years after the commencement. Page 57 probably belonged to the preceding chapter. Page 63, though so small in type as to imitate' the style of the early pages, is also very late. It stands with its sequel, 64, in isolation, and might be put anywhere.

Page 65 is an early page, but what should precede it cannot easily be said with certainty. Perhaps a page of the same date was cancelled to admit others. Page 66 follows it ; but what should precede page 67 ? It belongs to another time, as is partly shown by the extract from "Vala," Night VIII., whose line 293 is here 44. Night VIII. of "Vala" was probabty not written when page 66 was engraved. Pages 68 and 69 follow, but page 70 is earlier, and does not rightly succeed them. It seems to have been intended to precede the page numbered 19, though it doubtfully follows 18.

Page 71 would perfectly follow page 19 and precede 20. It is certainly out of place where it stands, since it does not begin with the word Hi*, indicated as the leader at the end of page 70. Nor is it required to introduce page 72, which is of the date of page 16, and probably was intended to be immediately preceded by it. Page 73 is of the same date ; 74 is earlier, and probably precedes those in which Reuben's story separates itself from that of the tribes. Page 75 is an isolated page of not the earliest date, but as early as any in the chapter, except 65 and 66.

In chapter IV. we return in the preface to work of an early date. The prose was composed later than the verse, but printed on the plate at the same time. The chapter consisted of pages 78 to 80, 82 and 83, 97 to end. Were there more pages between 83 and 97 ? If so, one which began with the word "Awake " has been cancelled. Page 81 is an evident interpolation of later date, and interrupts the flow of 80 to 82. Pages 84 to 89 follow each other, and are all of late date ; perhaps 90 and 91 follow them ; but 92 does not succeed 91 at all. Page 93 follows it but 94 takes a new departure, and