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Enitharmon. The gate of Los where the lark mounts, and the moment that Satan cannot find, are described.

P. 36, l. 21.— When Los joined with Blake he took him to Felpham that he might see all these visions.

P. 37, l. 56. — The Mundane Shell explained. The fires of Los rage in the remotest bottoms of the caves so that none can pass otherwise than by descending to Los, to Bowlahoola, Allamanda, and Entuthon Benython.

P. 40, l. 12.— The lake into which the spectre should be cast is that of Los, which even burneth with fire.

L. 52. — Los, as the strong guard of Albion, walks round beneath the moon.

P. 42, l. 6. — Los was beheld by Ololon.

P. 44, l. 31. — As the Lark mounted, Los and Enitharmon rose over the hills of Surrey.

L. 34. — Los listens to the cry of the poor man, his cloud low bent over London in anger.