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luting the latter air-tight into the truncated end of the pipette. The luting is done by rolling a little plasticine into a ball, pressing the capillary stem into this pellet as we hold it between finger and thumb, doubling over the plasticine round the stem; and then invaginating the capillary stem, thus cushioned, into the neck of the pipette. We can now with a teat expel our series of unit volumes of serum on to a slide, obtaining them in the serial order which avoids the contamination of the lighter implanted with the heavier implanted.

Method of making Anaerobic Cultures in Capillary Tubes.

When we desire to make anaerobic serum cultures we do not employ the capillary pipette used for the original implanting operations as a receptacle for our series of serum cultures, but employ instead a separate capillary cultivation tube for each unit volume of serum. The capillary cultivation tubes here in question are made as follows: We take a portion of capillary stem, say some 8 cm. long, draw it out at one end in the flame of a bypass into a hair-fine tube, and then break it off, leaving a certain length of throttle attached. We now introduce the other end of the capillary stem