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"Perhaps they'll come this way later in the day, or to-morrow."

"I always like to know if other hunters are in the woods, and I like them to know I am there, too," went on the leader of the club. "Then there is not so much danger of an accident. I don't want somebody to take me for a deer or a bear and shoot me."

"If we find they are stopping around this vicinity we'll have to notify them that we are here," answered Giant.

That day went by and also the next, and they saw no more of the strangers. Then Shep came in with the announcement that he had seen four or five deer up the lake shore.

"I am sure we can get one or more of them if we hurry," declared the doctor's son.

They were all willing to go after the deer, and having shut up the cabin and kicked out the campfire so that it might not set fire to the woods should a stiff breeze spring up, they set off on foot, taking to a deer trail, which ran a short distance back from the water's edge.

The walking was by no means good, but this the boys did not mind. The life in the open was making them strong and able to endure almost anything. Their cheeks were full and round and