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nor did he stop rowing. He was just rounding one of the points of the cove, and now he saw somebody running toward the point at top speed.

"I say, who are you?" continued the party on shore, and now Snap recognized Ham Spink's voice.

"None of your business!" answered Snap gruffly and in as heavy a tone as he could command.

"You are running away with our boats!" continued Ham, in consternation. "Hi, fellows, come here! Somebody is running away with all the boats!" he bawled.

His cries soon reached those around the campfire, and a grand rush was made to the water's edge. By this time Snap had rounded the point of the cove and was rowing as rapidly as possible in the direction where the raft lay.

"Stop him!"

"He has all the boats!"

"Who can he be?"

"Must be somebody from that other camp!"

Such were some of the cries uttered. Then someone ran for a shotgun, but by this time Snap was out of sight around a fringe of brushwood. He continued to row his best, and before very long gained the spot where the raft rested. Then he