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"I accused them of it and they admitted taking the clothes—they said it was nothing but a little joke and they laughed at me. Then when I said they could pay for the missing things they told me to clear out or they'd have me locked up for trespassing on Mr. Spink's land!"

"That's like Ham," answered Snap.

"I wish we could pay them off good," went on Whopper.

Just then Ham Spink and Carl Dudder came out of the post-office. Snap and the others were standing behind some boxes of goods and the dude and his chum did not at once see them.

"We'll have a celebration with those fireworks when they come," Ham was saying. "We'll show Fairview a great sight."

"That's right," returned Carl Dudder. "We'll put them in my father's barn until we want to use them."

Then both boys caught sight of Snap and the others and broke off their talk. They wanted to brush past without speaking, but Snap and Shep blocked the way.

"We want to talk to you," said Snap.

"We have nothing to say," cried Ham, haughtily. "Get out of my way!" And he tried to brush past again.