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to tell about the empty shotgun, for he did not wish his chum to have the laugh on him.

"Oh, is that all. Say, do you know it's cold?"

"Yes, and that is why I am stirring up the fire," answered Snap.

"Do you know, I had an awful dream," continued the doctor's son. "It has left me wide-awake."

"Better go to sleep, Shep, or you'll be fagged out in the morning."

"I dreamed somebody ran away with our boat and all our supplies," went on Shep. "We didn't have a thing left, and we were in our night-clothes!"

"You must have been thinking of Ham Spink and Carl Dudder, and what they did last year."

"Maybe. Of course the boat and outfit are safe," went on the doctor's son.

"I suppose so—I haven't looked."

"Just take a look before you turn in, will you?"


Shep's head disappeared, and Snap finished fixing the fire. Then he turned to the lake, where the boat with the most of the outfit had been left, tied to an overhanging tree.

The craft with its contents was gone!

Snap could scarcely believe the evidence of his