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Young India

1400 Broadway, New York
15 cents a copy, $1.50 a year

The struggle of the people of India for freedom from
bondage should enlist the support of every
American. Their wrongs—and their pre-
sent aspirations—are similar to those
of America in the days of ’76


Dr. J. T. Sunderland, Chairman and Editor

Mr. H. R. Mussey (Managing Editor, The Searchlight)

Mr. B. W. Huebsch (President, The Freeman)

Mr. Francis Hackett (Literary Editor, The New Republic)

Miss Frieda Kirchwey (Associate Editor, The Nation)

Miss Signe Toksvig, Secretary (Assistant Editor, The New Republic)


Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy, Art Editor,
Keeper of Indian Art in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Published monthly by that group of Lovers of Liberty that wishes
Freedom for all oppressed peoples and that works towards that result.

Entered as second class matter September 21, 1919, at the Post Office at New York, N.Y., under the Act of March 3, 1879