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Chuang Tzŭ

can be infornicd by it without exhaustion, is its Tau.

The 'X i\() of '\\\().

"In the Middle Kini^doni there are men who rccot;nise neither positive nor nej^^'itive. They al)ide l)etween heaven and earth. They act their part as mortals, and then return to the Cause.

"From that stand] )oint,

Of the Cause, sc. God, which is commensurate with infinity.

life is but a concentration of the vital fluid, whose longest and shortest terms of existence vary by an inai)preeiable space, — hardly enoui;"h for the classi- hcation of Yao and Chieh.

As good and had. See ch. iv.

"Tree-fruits and plant-fruits exhibit order in their varieties; and the relationshii)s of man, though more difficult to be dealt with, may still be reduced to order.

These havi! hcenclassified as follows : —

1. S(wereion and Suhject.

2. Husband „ Wife.

3. r\aher ,, Son.

4. Elder Brother ,, Younger Brother.

5. Friend ,, Friend.

The true Sai^e who meets with these, docs not violate them. Neither does he continue to hold fast by them.

lie adapts himself to the exigencies of his ciivlron-