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Chuang Tzŭ

SIiiJi-Ling. Circumstances, however, make of each a sovereign remedy. The list is inexhaustible.

Chieh-Keng is the Platycodon grandiflorzwi. It is used by Chinese doctors as a tonic, astringent, and vermifuge.

"When Kou Chien encamped with three thou- sand armed warriors at Kuei-ch'i,

Leading the men of Wu to attack the Yüeh State.

only Chung

Wen Chung, minister of Yüeh.

saw that defeat would be followed by a rally. Yet he could not foresee the evil that was to come upon himself. Wherefore it has been said, * An owl's eyes are adapted to their use. A crane's leg is of the length required. 'Twould be disastrous to shorten it.'

This illustration has been used in ch. viii, p. loi.

"Thus it has been said, 'The wind blows and the river suffers. The sun shines and the river suffers.' But though wind and sun be both brought into relation with the river, it does not really suffer therefrom. Fed from its source, it still continues to flow on.

The Saee too has a source from which the nourish- ment of his soul is supplied.

"The relation between water and earth is deter- minate. The relation between a man and his shadow is determinate. The relation between thing and thing is determinate.