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Let sit for a few hours so that it loses its sharpness. Mix with any of the mayonnaise sauces. Add white pepper, the juice of one lemon, and half a glass of ice water; mix thoroughly. Keep chilled until ready to use.


98. REMOULADE (SOS "REMOULADE"). Chop a handful of chives, a handful of dill, a handful of parsley, and a few tarragon leaves. Combine the chopped herbs with the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs and mash together thoroughly into a paste in a mortar. Add salt and white pepper, and mix with mayonnaise sauce to taste.


99. MUSTARD SAUCE (SOS MUSZTARDOWY). Mash together three teaspoons of Coleman's dry mustard, a tablespoon of homemade or store-bought mustard, and the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs. Mix with any quantity of mayonnaise sauce and dilute to an appropriate density using light vinegar. You can add capers or, if in season, a fresh peeled and finely cubed cucumber.


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