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The author's proximate family tree on his mother's side is listed on this book page and clarified here.

  • The author's grandfather Peter Chardon Brooks, died on January 1, 1849, when the author was about ten years old.
  • Peter C Brooks's estate was vast, perhaps two million dollars
  • The estate went to his seven surviving children, who had many notable connections:

This last one, Abigail Brown, was the author's mother. (It is not written clearly.) Her first four children were:

  • Louisa Catherine, born in 1830, a daughter named after her Johnson grandmother
  • John Quincy, a son after his President grandfather
  • Charles Francis Adams Jr, named after his father
  • Henry Brooks Adams, the author of this book, named after his mother's favorite brother Henry Brooks who had just died

Abigail Brown Brooks Adams had more children, not listed here.