Parliament Act 1660

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Parliament Act  (1660) 
the Parliament of England

Text taken from Statutes at Large

12 CAR. 2 C. 1

An Act for removing and preventing all Questions and Disputes concerning the Assembling and Sitting of this present Parliament

For the preventing all Doubts and Scruples concerning the Assembling, Sitting and Proceeding, of this present Parliament, be it declared and enacted, and it is declared and enacted by the King our Soveraigne Lord, and by the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the same, That the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster the Third Day of November in the Sixteenth Year of the Reign of the late King Charles of blessed Memory, is fully dissolved and determined : And that the Lords and Commons now sitting at Westminster, in this present Parliament, are the Two Houses of Parliament, and so shall be, and are hereby declared, enacted, and adjudged to be, to all Intents, Constructions, and Purposes whatsoever, notwithstanding any Want of the King's Majesty's Writ or Writs of Summons, or any Defect or Alteration of or in any Writ or Writs of Summons, or any other Defect or Default whatsoever; as if this Parliament had been summoned by Writ or Writs in His Majesty's Name, according to the usual Form, and as if his Majesty had been present in person at the Assembling and Commencement of this present Parliament. Provided always, That this present Parliament may be dissolved by his Majesty after the usual Manner, as if the same had been summoned by Writ or Writs in his Majesty's Name. Provided also, and it is hereby enacted, That his Majesty's Royal Assent to this Bill shall not determine this present Session of Parliament.

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