Patriotic pieces from the Great War/Since You Went Away

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Since you went away, every gay sailor lad,
Every khaki-clad soldier I see,
Has a place in my heart, and a share in my thoughts
And belongs, just a little, to me.
He's a comrade of yours, and is bearing his share
Of the burden that rests upon you;
Both are doing the work that a nation has set
For its glorious manhood to do.

Since you went away, I have entered within
A sisterhood—mystic and great—
Of women who've learned the great lesson, to give
And are learning another, to wait.
But I strive, like the rest, not to doubt or to fear;
To murmur, or sigh, or complain,
But to trust in His might, and to know, by His grace,
That your sacrifice cannot be vain.

Since you went away, every fold of the flag
Has a message that's tender and true;
It has always meant liberty, freedom, and right;
It now means my country—and you.
Your honor is part of the deep azure field,
Your courage of each crimson bar,
And the soul of you, shining, resplendent and clear,
Is a part of each beautiful star.