Pieces People Ask For/He Never Told a Lie

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I saw him standing in the crowd—
A comely youth and fair!
There was a brightness in his eye,
A glory in his hair!
I saw his comrades gaze on him—
His comrades standing by.
I heard them whisper each to each,
"He never told a lie!"

I looked in wonder on that boy,
As he stood there so young:
To think that never an untruth
Was uttered by his tongue.
I thought of all the boys I'd known,—
Myself among the fry,—
And knew of none that one could say,
"He never told a lie!"

I gazed upon that youth with awe
That did enchain me long:
I had not seen a boy before
So perfect and so strong.
And with something of regret
I wished that he was I,
So they might look at me and say,
"He never told a lie!"

I thought of questions very hard
For boys to answer right:
"How did you tear those pantaloons?*
"My son! what caused the fight?"
"Who left the gate ajar last night?"
"Who bit the pumpkin-pie?"
What boy could answer all of these,
And never tell a lie?

I proudly took him by the hand—
My words with praise were rife;
I blessed that boy who never told
A falsehood in his life;

I told him I was proud of him—
A fellow standing by,
Informed me that that boy was dumb
Who never told a lie!