Pirate Party Declaration of Principles/3.0/Citizens' Rights

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Pirate Party Declaration of Principles 3.0
Pirate Party Sweden
Citizens' Rights and Personal Freedoms
1379090Pirate Party Declaration of Principles 3.0 — Citizens' Rights and Personal FreedomsPirate Party Sweden

Citizens' Rights and Personal Freedoms[edit]

The citizen's right to privacy is written in the Swedish constitution. From this fundamental right springs several other basic human rights like the rights to free speech, freedom of opinion, to obtain information as well as the right to culture and personal development. All attempts by the state to curtail these rights must be questioned and met with powerful opposition.

All powers, systems and methods that the state can use against its citizens must be under constant evaluation and scrutiny by elected officials. When the government watches regular citizens who are not suspects of any crime, it is a fundamentally unacceptable and clear violation of the citizen's right to privacy. Every citizen must be guaranteed the right to anonymity which is inherent to our constitution and the right of the individual to control all use of his or her personal data must be strengthened.

The postal secrets act shall be elevated to a general communications secrets act. Just as it is prohibited to read someone else's mail today, it shall be forbidden to read or access e-mail, SMS or other forms of messages, regardless of the underlying technology or who the operator may be. Any and all exceptions from this rule must be well-motivated in each and every case. Employers shall only be allowed to access an employee's messages if this is absolutely necessary to secure the technical functionality or in direct connection with the employee's work-related duties. The government shall only be allowed access to a citizen's means of communication or put a citizen under surveillance in the case of a firm suspicion of a crime being committed by said citizen. In all other cases, the government shall assume its citizens to be innocent and leave them alone. This communications secrets act must be given a strong legal protection, as the government has repeatedly shown that it is not to be entrusted with sensitive information.

We want to repeal the Data Retention Directive and strengthen the citizens' right to privacy.