Pittonia/Volume 1

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Pittonia (1889)
by Edward Lee Greene
Volume 1
1207988Pittonia — Volume 11889Edward Lee Greene
A Series Of Papers Relating
to Botany and Botanists.
Berkeley, California,
Echinocystis § Megarrhiza, 1, 142
West American Species of Trifolium, 4
West American Asperifoliæ, I, 8
The Species of Zausohneria, 23
A New Genus of Asteroid Compositae, 28
New Speoies, Mainly Californjan, 30
Recent Botanical Literature, 41
Wherefore Pittonia? 51
A Curious Collinsia, 52
West American Asperifoliæ, II, 55
Miscellaneous Species, New or Rare, 60
Botanical Excursion to the Island of San Miguel, 74
Catalogue of the Flowering Plants of the Island of San Miguel, 85
West American Phases of the Genus Potentilla, 95
West American Asperifoliæ, III, 107
American Polemoniaceæ, I, 120
New or Noteworthy Species, 139
Biographical Notice of Dr. Albert Kellogg, 145
New Species from Mexico, 153
New or Noteworthy Species, II, 159
Botanical Literature, Old and New, I, 177
Botanical Literature, Old and New, II, 184
Botany of Cedros Island, 194
List of the Known Species of Cedros Island Plants, 200
Species of Dodecatheon, 209
New or Noteworthy Species, III, 215
Concerning the Making of Many Synonyms, 226
Concerning the Citation Of Authors, 231
Botanical Literature, Old and New, III, 238
Botanical Literature, Old and New, IV, 245
Sketch of the Life of Thure Kumlien, A. M., 250
A New Brickellia (By E. R. Drew), 260
Vegetation of the San Benito Islands, 261
Supplementary List of Cedros Island Plants, 266
Concerning Some Californian Umbelliferæ, 269
Botanical Nomenclature in North America, 276
Baron Mueller on Early Binomials, 280
New or Noteworthy Species, IV, 280
Plants from the Bay of San Bartolome, 287
Analogies and Affinities, I, 293
New or Noteworthy Species, V, 300
Reminiscences of Major John E. Le Conte (By Mary Graham), 303