Poems and Extracts/Of my dear Son, Gervase Beaumont

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Of my dear Son, Gervase Beaumont.

By Sir John Beaumont.

Can I, who have for others oft compiled
The songs of Death, forget my sweetest child ?
Which like a flower crusht, with a blast is dead,
And ere full time hangs down his smiling head.
Expecting with clear hope to live anew
Among the angels fed with heavenly dew.
We have this sign of joy, that many days,
While on the earth his struggling spirit stays,
The name of Jesus in his mouth contains
His only food, his sleep, his ease from pains.10
O may that sound be rooted in my mind
Of which in him such strong effect I find.

Dear Lord, receive my Son, whose winning love
To me was like a friendship, far above
The course of nature, or his tender age,
Whose looks could all my bitter griefs assuage;
Let his pure soul ordained seven years to be
In that frail body which was part of me.
Remain my pledge with Heaven, as sent to shew.
How to this port at every step I go.20