Poems by Felicia Dorothea Browne/Sonnet, to my Mother

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For works with similar titles, see To My Mother.


To thee, maternal guardian of my youth,
    I pour the genuine numbers free from art;
The lays inspir'd by gratitude and truth,
    For thou wilt prize th' effusion of the heart.
Oh! be it mine, with sweet and pious care,
    To calm thy bosom in the hour of grief;
With soothing tenderness to chase the tear,
    With fond endearments to impart relief.
Be mine thy warm affection to repay
    With duteous love in thy declining hours;
    My filial hand shall strew unfading flowers,
Perennial roses to adorn thy way:
Still may thy grateful children round thee smile,
Their pleasing care affliction shall beguile.