Poems for the Sea/Gratitude

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For works with similar titles, see Gratitude.


Ruler of the sea, and land,
   Who the surging main doth hold
In the hollow of Thy hand,
   By thy slightest word controlled;

Thou the mighty winds hast curb'd
   Warring in their midnight path,
And our reeling vessel sav'd
   From the madness of their wrath;

Thou from shipwreck and despair
   Didst our souls in safety set,

When all human help was vain,
   Can we e'er such love forget?

E'er that tender mercy grieve
   That upheld us when we prayed,
Or the sacred promise break
   That in danger's hour we made?

No. Upon our spirits seal
   This memorial of Thy praise,
And the grateful love we feel
   Make as lasting as our days.