Poems for the Sea/Hope in God

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My hope is in the living God!
   Oh may His shield be spread
In every time of need, around
   My unprotected head.
His are the Ocean and the Land,
   And man's frail, dying race,
And those who walk in pride, His Hand
   Is able to abase.
But I have nought of which to boast,
   No refuge where to flee,
An atom mid the mighty main;
   Have mercy, Lord, on me.

When o'er temptation's boiling gulf,
   My dangerous course doth lie,
May heavenly wisdom be my guide
   And light the darkened sky;
And if, o'er hidden reefs we steer,
   When all around is fair,
Nor chart nor compass give a sign
   Of evil lurking there,
Deign Thou, the erring heart to warn
   That hath its trust in Thee,
And as thy goodness hath no bound,
   Have mercy, Lord on me.

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