Poems for the Sea/To a Retired Seaman

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How pleasant, when the toils of life,
   And ruder cares have pass'd away,
To turn from troubled floods and gain
   The shelter of some quiet bay,

And there refit the shatter'd sails
   That time and chance have sorely tried,
And meditate, as peaceful years
   Glide on, to meet the eternal tide.

Tis thus with thee, whose course hath been
   O'er many a sea and many a shore,
Where battle thunders shook the main
   Or winds and waves in conflict roar.

But now, thy cheerful hearth beside
   Thy happier lot it is to see
Domestic comfort flourish fair,
   And yield its cherish'd fruits to thee.

Forget not, on thy varied chart
   To write His name, who rules thy days,
And from remember'd woes to rear
   A lasting monument of praise.

Son of the Sea! thy glorious choice
   Is by thy Saviour's Cross to cling,
So mayst thou in his glory share,
And mid yon skies, no cloud that wear,
   The anthem of salvation sing.