Poems of Optimism

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Poems of Optimism[edit]


  1. Greater Britain
  2. Belgium
  3. Knitting
  4. Mobilisation
  5. Neutral
  6. A book for the King
  7. The men-made gods
  8. The Ghosts
  9. The poet's theme
  10. Europe
  11. After
  12. The Peace Angel
  13. Peace should not come


  1. The Winds of Fate
  2. Beauty
  3. The invisible helpers
  4. To the women of Australia
  5. Replies
  6. Earth bound
  7. A Successful Man
  8. Unsatisfied
  9. Separation
  10. To the teachers of the young
  11. Beauty making
  12. On Avon's breast I saw a stately swan
  13. The little go-cart
  14. I am running forth to meet you
  15. Martyrs of peace
  16. Home
  17. The eternal now
  18. If I were a man, a young man
  19. We must send them out to play
  20. Protest
  21. Reward
  22. This is my task
  23. The statue
  24. Behold the earth
  25. What they saw
  26. His last letter
  27. A Dialogue
  28. A Wish
  29. Justice
  30. An Old Song
  31. Oh, poor, sick world
  32. Praise day
  33. Interlude
  34. The land of the gone-away-souls
  35. The harp’s song
  36. The pendulum
  37. An old-fashioned type
  38. The sword
  39. Love and the seasons
  40. A Naughty Little Comet
  41. The last dance
  42. A Vagabond Mind
  43. My flower room
  44. My faith
  45. Arrow and bow
  46. If we should meet him
  47. Faith
  48. The secret of prayer
  49. The Answer
  50. A Vision
  51. The second coming

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