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I N D E X.

Accomplishments, The Value of 496
Adams, C. K. 123
Æsthetic Evolution in Man 339
Africa, Eastern, Mr. Thomson's Journey in 856
Africans, Craniology of the 429
Allen, Professor Grant 339
American Institute Fair, The 127
Animals or Plants? 430
Animals, The Sense of Direction in 122
Antarctic Expedition, An 431
Anthropological Society, The German 425
Ants, About 696
Apes, Young, Studies of 426
Appleton, Thomas G. 539
Arctic Journey, Lieutenant Schwatka's 277
Art, Evolution and Originality in 697
Association, The French 141
Asteroids, The, and Jupiter 715
Attention, Expectant, in Animals 285
Aubrey-Vitet, M. E. 806
Automatic Brake, The Westinghouse 140

Barbarism, Lingering 638
Barton, Boiling W., M.D. 262
Beard, George M., M.D. 170
Binding, Deterioration of, in Libraries 718
Birds, English and American 142
Birds, Singular Powers in 853
Bolton, Professor H. Carrington, Ph.D. 191
Bone-Caves in Pennsylvania 707
Books noticed:
"Two Worlds are Ours" (Macmillan) 129
"A True Republic" (Stickney) 129
"An Elementary Text-Book of Botany" (Prantl and Vines) 132
"Contributions to the Archaeology of Missouri" 133
"Life on the Seashore" (Emerton) 133
"Introduction to the Mortuary Customs among the North American Indians" (Yarrow) 133
"Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College" (Pickering, Searle, and Upton) 134
"The Hair, its Growth, Care, Diseases, and Treatment" (Leonard) 134
"Essays on Art and Archæology" (Newton) 134
"Qualitative Chemical Analysis" (Douglass and Prescott) 135
"Some Thoughts concerning Education" (Locke) 135
"The New Text-Book of Physics" (Cooley) 135
"Eminent Israelites of the Nineteenth Century" (Morals) 136
"Manual of Hydraulic Mining" (Van Wagenen) 136
"Deep-Sea Sounding and Dredging" (Sigsbee) 136
"Odontornithes" (Marsh) 270
"German Thought" (Hillebrand) 272
"The Elementary Principles of Scientific Agriculture" (Lupton) 273
"Summer-Land Sketches" (Oswald) 274
"An Elementary Treatise on Analytical Geometry" (Bowser) 275
"The Minor Arts" (Leland) 275
"The Textile Record of America" (Nagle and Ryckman) 276
"Diseases of the Throat and Nose" (Mackenzie) 276
"Memoirs of the Science Department, University of Tokio, Japan" (Mendenhall) 276
"The Atomic Theory" (Wurtz) 418
"The Skin in Health and Disease" (Bulkley) 420
"A Text-Book of the Physiological Chemistry of the Animal Body" (Gamgee) 421
"A Physical Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" (Gordon) 421
"School and Industrial Hygiene" (Lincoln) 422
"The Ocean as a Health-Resort" (Wilson) 423
"The Philosophy of Mathematics" (Bledsoe) 423
"The Orthopist" (Ayres) 423
"What to do first in Accidents or Poisoning" (Dallas) 424
"Scotch Sermons" 559
"Modern Thinkers" (Denslow and Ingersoll) 562
"The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism" (Sargent) 564
"Progress and Poverty" (George) 564
"Medical Heresies historically considered" (Smythe) 665
"Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold" 565
"The Journal of Physiology" (Foster) 565
"The Beautiful and the Sublime" (Kedney) 566
"A New School Physiology" (Dunglison) 566
"Diphtheria: Its Cause, Nature, and Treatment" (Gregg) 566
"Animal Life as affected by the Natural Conditions of Existence" (Semper) 698
"Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army" 701
"Life and her Children" (Buckley) 701
"Transcendental Physics" (Zöllner and Massey) 702
"Consumption, and how to prevent it" (Mays) 703
"British Thought and Thinkers" (Morris) 703
"Elementary Projection-Drawing" (Warren) 704
"Practical Plane Geometry and Projection" (Angel) 704
"The Publishers' Trade-List Annual, 1880" 704
"The Geology of Hudson County, New Jersey" (Russell) 704
"An Elementary Course of Geometrical Drawing" (Vose) 705
"Among Machines" 705
"Telegraphic Determination of Longitudes on the East Coast of South America" (Green, Davis, and Norris) 705
"The Relations of Science to Modern Life" (Potter) 705
"Learning to Draw" (Viollet-le-Duc) 706
"A Text-Book of Elementary Mechanics" (Dana) 706
"Summary of Substantialism" (Story) 706
"The Feeling of Effort" (James) 706
"Food for Invalids" (Fothergill and Wood) 843
"Study of Indian Languages" (Powell) 844
"Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah" (Dutton) 844
"The Power of Movement in Plants" (Darwin) 845
"The Study of Political Economy" (Cossa) 848
"Young Folks' Cyclopedia of Persons and Places" (Champlin) 848
"James Smithson and his Bequest" (Rhees) 848
"Culture of the Sugar-Beet" (McMurtrie) 849
"Sanskrit and its Kindred Literatures" (Poor) 849
"High Schools" (Northrop) 849
"Geological and Natural History of Minnesota" 850
"Noxious and Beneficial Insects of Illinois" (Thomas) 850
"Abridgment of the Nautical Almanac for 1881" 850
Breath, Temperature of the 708
British Association, The Fiftieth Meeting of the 138
Brunton, T. Lauder, M. D., F.R.S. 226
Brunton, T. Lauder, M. D., F.R.S. 374
Buckland, Mr. Frank 812
Buckley, Arabella B. 96
Burglar-Alarm, The Electric 56
Burns, Professor E. S. 760

Calvin, S. 610
Carhart, Professor H. A. 513
Caribbean Sea, The Deep Valley of the 287
Caves in Japan 143
Cerebral Localization 599
Chahoon, George 122
Change as a Mental Restorative 285
Chasles, Michel, Sketch of 840
Chemical Affinity, A New Theory of 717
Chemical Elements, Evolution of the 526
Chronology, History of 760
Clarke, Professor F. W. 337
Climatology of Europe 716
Coal, A Piece of 610
Consumption and Climates 284
Coral, Rate of Growth of 719
Correspondence 122
Correspondence 262
Correspondence 696
Cox, Sir George W. 468
Crane, Professor T. F. 824
Criticisms Corrected. (Herbert Spencer) 101
Criticisms Corrected. (Herbert Spencer) 387
Crust of the Earth, M. Faye's Theory of the 574
Cyclone, A Miniature 264

Death, Distinctions between Real and Apparent 401
De Costa, B. F. 31
Deep-Sea Animals, Sensitive Organs of 575
Demagogues, Powder and Ball for 128
Denning, W. F. 178
Disease, Do Stenches cause? 856
Dumas, Sketch of Professor 257
Dust, A Shower of 263

Earthquakes, M. Delaunay's Theory of 855
Eddy, William A. 496
Editor's Table 125
Editor's Table 265
Editor's Table 412
Editor's Table 553
Editor's Table 697
Educational Logic, Curious 267
Education as a Hindrance to Manual Occupations 26
Education, Mixed 719
Education, Physical 303
Education, Physical 456
Education, Physical 577
Education, Physical 753
Eel, Structural Peculiarities of the 569
Electricity, Atmospheric 513
Electric Light, The Diffusion and Softening of the 715
Electric Light, the Maxim 424
Electro-Motors and Dynamo-Machines, Improvements in 280
Elevators, Improved Safety Construction of 137
Europe, American Storms in 862

Facts, Mr. Herbert Spencer's 263
Faraday, Henry and 76
Farquhar, W. H. 264
Field-Naturalists' Club, A 415
Fisher, L. C. 696
Fishes, The Migrations of 212
Folk-Lore, Plantation 824
France, Infertility in 859
Fraser, Dr. William 401
Fruit, The Stone-Grains in 428

Galton, Francis, F.R.S. 64
Gardner, W. H., M.D. 43
Geikie, Professor Archibald, F. 654
Glacial Man, The, in America 31
Glaciers, Retreat of 862
Gould, Mr. John 860
Grate, An Improved Smokeless 854
Gravels, Trenton, The Age of the 567
Greek, The Study of, at Cambridge 412

Hallowell, H. C. 264
Harmond, Dr. J. 384
Haviland, Charles T. 681
Hawkins, John 696
Heat in Tunnel-Excavations 713
Heat, The Sun's 11
Heidenhain, Dr. R. 362
Heincke, Dr. Friedrich 212
Henry and Faraday 76
Hofmann, A. W. 257
Horses and their Feet 468
Huxley, Professor T. H., F.R.S. 159
Hypnotism 108
Hypnotism, Artificial 362
Hystero-Demonomania, An Epidemic of 851

Ignorance, The Advantages of 337
Imagery, Mental 64
Indigestion as a Cause of Nervous Depression 226
Indigestion as a Cause of Nervous Depression 374
Indigo, The Manufacture of, in Bengal 708
Industrial Education, Methods in 202
Insect Conservatism, Lubbock on 396

Johnston-Lavis, H. J., F.G.S. 776
"Jumpers" of Maine, Experiments with the 170

Kirkwood, Professor Daniel 542

Lassell, William (obit.) 716
Laveleye, Emile de 669
Lead Pipes, Perforation of, by Rats 708
Lead Pipes, Rats and 429
Liability, Some Notes on a Doctor's 769
Life, The Profusion of 96
Lightning-Rod, Form of the 572
Lights, Artificial 283
Literary Notices 129
Literary Notices 270
Literary Notices 418
Literary Notices 559
Literary Notices 698
Literary Notices 843
Lubbock on Insect Conservatism 396
Lungren, Charles M. 217
Lungren, Charles M. 323
Lungren, Charles M. 483
Luxury, The Morals of 669
Lyman, Oliver E. 769
Lyons, P. F. 263

Man and the Vertebrate Series 783
Man, Æsthetic Evolution in 339
Married Women, The Legal Position of 643
Marshall-Islanders, The 278
Mayer, Professor Alfred M. 76
McCosh, James 122
Mendenhall, Professor T. C. 356
Meteor, A Brilliant 696
Meteoric Stones, The Markings of 282
Meteors, The August 178
Meteors, The November 542
Millikin, Dan 262
Mimicry, Protective, A Case of 262
Mind as a Measure of Nature 681
Mind in Work 709
Minerals, Artificial Production of 857
Miners, Diseases of 717
Mining, Prehistoric, in North Carolina 568
Mirage, The, on Swiss Lakes 286
Monday-Lectureship Philosophy 556
Moon, Changes on the 710
Morgan, Lewis H., Sketch of 114
Morris, Charles 80
Morris, Charles 783
Motion, Optical Illusions of 519
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 217
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 323
Motors, Domestic (O. M. Lungren) 483
Muscle, Mode of Termination of Nerves in 853
Musical Valley, A 429
Music, Oriental 237
Myer, Albert J., Sketch of 408
Mythological Crows, A Flock of 43

Naturalists, The Felicity of 821
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nuisances, Municipal, The Problem of 585

Ocean-Currents, The, of Greenland and Iceland 710
Oceanica, The Black Races of 744
Ocean, Variability of the Level of the 718
Oil-Plants of French Guiana 384
Organic Form, The Evolution of 80
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 303
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 456
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 577
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. 753
Oysters, The Green Color of 855

Parsons, Samuel, Jr. 797
Pearce, S. Austen, Mus. Doc, Oxon 237
Peckham, The New Mineral 861
Peirce, Professor Benjamin, Sketch of 691
Photography, Progress in 570
Physical Education (Oswald) 303
Physical Education (Oswald) 456
Physical Education (Oswald) 577
Physical Education (Oswald) 753
Physical Education (Editor) 418
Plants, Darwin on the Movements of 498
Plants, the Relative Hardiness of 797
Plow and Wheel-Carriage, Origin of the (Tylor) 448
Pneumonia, Elevator 854
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 1
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 145
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 289
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 433
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 624
Political Institutions, The Development of (H. Spencer) 721
Political Science 125
Popular Miscellany 137
Popular Miscellany 277
Popular Miscellany 424
Popular Miscellany 567
Popular Miscellany 707
Popular Miscellany 851
Pottery, Types of 138
Pourtales, Count, Sketch of 549
Powell, J. W. 114
Progress, Human, The Forces of 553
Publications Received 137
Publications Received 276
Publications Received 424
Publications Received 566
Publications Received 707
Publications Received 850

Quarantine, and Systematic Medical Inspection 861

Rainfall, Relation of Elevation and Exposure to 714
Reading, What the Eye sees in 262
Respiration, Effect of Physical Training on 284
River-Water, Purification of, by Organic Agents 709
Rock-Weathering, as Illustrated in Churchyards 654
Romanes, George J. 108

Sabbath, The (J. Tyndall) 246
Sabbath, The (J. Tyndall) 310
Sanitary Improvement, Efficacy of 430
Science and Culture 159
Science at Princeton College 122
Science at the University of Michigan 123
Science in the Colleges 126
Science College, Sir Josiah Mason's 265
Science in the Schools of France 573
Science, Prehistoric, en Fte 544
Sciences, The National Academy of 412
Scientist, An Ancient 833
Sea, Carbonic Acid in the 862
Sea, The Deep Explorations of, off the Coast of France 855
Seguin, Dr. Edouard 268
Sewerage, The Study of, in London 414
Sewer-Waters, The Purification of 806
Smelting-Furnace, A New 281
Spencer, Herbert 1
Spencer, Herbert 101
Spencer, Herbert 145
Spencer, Herbert 289
Spencer, Herbert 387
Spencer, Herbert 433
Spencer, Herbert 624
Spencer, Herbert 721
Spencer, Mrs. A. G. 643
Solar Machine, A 283
Solar System, M. Faye's Theory of the 858
Spiders and Tuning-Forks 718
Split Stones in the Desert 569
Stammering 711
State, The, as an Educator 664
Strawberry-Leaf Beetle, The 852
Suicide, Relation of Age and Marriage to 282
Suicide, Statistics of 860

Thermometers, Examination of, at the Yale Observatory 367
Thermometers, Variations in the Fixed Points of 286
Thompson, Professor Silvanus P. 26
Thompson, Professor Silvanus P. 202
Thompson, Professor Silvanus P. 519
Thunderstorms, The Phenomena of 572
Tracy, R. S., M.D. 585
Transformation of Sound into Light 142
Trees, The Circulation of Sap in 140
Trichinosis on a British School-ship 574
Turquoises 712
Tylor, E. B. 448
Tyndall, Professor John, F. R. S. 246
Tyndall, Professor John, F. R. S. 310
Typhoon, A Japanese 356

Varigny, Henry de 599
Verneau, Dr. R. 744
Vine-Slip, Only a 539
Visual Tests, The Regulation of 571
Vogt, Carl 638
Volcanic Cones, Origin and Structure of 776

Waldo, Dr. Leonard 367
Walpole, Spencer 812
Ward, Lester F. 526
Water-Plants, Variations in the Forms of 570
Wilson, H. H. 664
Women, The Early Practice of Medicine by 191

Yellowstone, The Great Glacier of the 568
Youmans, Eliza A. 498
Young, Professor C. A. 11