Popular Science Monthly/Volume 37/July 1890/Publications Received

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Allen, Harrison. Description of Two New Species of Bats. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 16.

Brooks, W. K. On the Lucayan Indians. National Academy of Sciences Pp. 223, with Twelve Plates.

Brown, Harold P. A Test of the Efficiency of the Westinghouse Alternating Current. New York: J. W. Pratt & Son. Pp. 23.

Burt. Stephen Smith, M. D. Pulmonary Consumption in the Light of Modern Research. New York. Pp. 14.

Checkley, Edward. A Natural Method of Physical Training. Brooklyn, N. Y.: William C. Bryant & Co. Pp. 152. $1.50.

Chicago Manual Training School Seventh Annual Catalogue. Pp. 38.

Church, A. H. The Chemistry of Paints and Painting. London: Seeley & Co., Limited. Pp. 310. $1.75. y

Collier, Dr. Peter. How to make Dairying more Profitable. Pp. 15.

Cook, C. B., Agricultural College, Mich. The English Sparrow. Pp. 8.—Foul Brood. Pp. 8.—Insecticides. Pp. 12.

Durham. Evolution, Antiquity of Man, Bacteria, etc. (Science in Plain Language Series.) Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black. Pp. 127. 50 cents.

Faxon, Walter. Notes on North American Crayfishes. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 16.

Fiske, Amos K. Midnight Talks at the Club. New York: Fords, Howard & Hulbert. Pp. 298. $1. V

Forbes, S. A., State Entomologist. Report on Noxious and Beneficial Insects of Illinois. Pp 132.

Fryer, John, Editor. Chinese Scientific and Industrial Magazine. Quarterly. Vol. V., No. 1. Shanghai: Lan-Tsz-Yang, Manager. 30 cents a number; $1 a year.

Griswold, W. M , Bangor, Maine. Directory of Writers for the Literary Press. Pp. 59.

Orossmann, Rabbi Louis. Maimonides. New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 38. 25 cents.

Hackel, Eduard. The True Grasses. Translated by F. Lamson-Scribner and Effie A. Southworth. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Pp. 228.

Hambleton, G. W. The Suppression of Consumption. New York: N. D. C. Hodges. Pp 37. 40 cents.

Henshaw, Samuel Bibliography of American Economic Entomology. Part I. Washington: Department of Agriculture. Pp. 454.

Holt, Henry, & Co Educational Catalogue. Pp. 191

Indiana University, Bloomington. Catalogue for 1890. Pp. 118

Japan. Short Account of the Educational Society. Pp. 19.

Kalamazoo College, Mich. Annual, 1889-'90. Pp. 63.

Kimball, John C. Evolution of Arms and Armor. Boston: James H. West. Pp. 32. 10 cents.

Knowlton, F. H. Revision of the Genus Auraucarioxylon of Kraus. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 16.

Lee, Arthur Bolles. The Microtomist's Vade Mecum. Second edition. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co. Pp. 413.

Lowville Mineral Springs, Tourists 1 Guide, 1890. Pp. 44.

Mark. Prof. E. L., Harvard University. Trichina? in Swine. Pp. 22.

Marx, Dr. George. Catalogue of the Described Araneæ of Temperate North America. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 98.

Massachusetts State Agricultural Experiment Station. Analysis of Commercial Fertilizers. Pp. 4.

Merrill, George P. Serpentinous Rocks of Essex County, N. Y., New York City, and Easton, Pa. Washington: United States National Museum. Pp. 6.

Michigan State Agricultural College Experiment Station. Fruit List and Apple Scab. By L. R. Taft. Pp. 42.—Tests of Pigs and Potatoes. By E. Davenport. Pp. 10.

Minnesota. Public Health in. April, 1890. Red Wing. Pp. 6.—Monthly. 50 cents a year. Pp. 16.

Oldenberg. H., Jastrow, J., and Convill, C. H. Epitomes of Three Sciences. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company. Pp. 139. 75 cents.

Patten, Simon N. The Economic Basis of Protection. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pp. 144 $1.

Patterson, H. J. The Use of Animal Charcoal in the Determination of Fat in Feeding Stuffs. Pp. 4.

Peerless Brick Company. Philadelphia. Isometrical Diagrams of Molded, Colored, and Ornamental Bricks. Pp. 80.

Pennsylvania, University of. Catalogue and Announcements for 1890. Pp. 262.

Philadelphia Zoölogical Society. Report of the Board of Directors. Pp. 20.

Pickering, Edward C, Director. Fourth Annual Report of Photographic Study of Stellar Spectra at Harvard College Observatory. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son. Pp. 9.

Rauch, John H., M. D. Report on Medical Education, etc., in the United States and Canada. Springfield, 111.: Illinois State Board of Health. Pp. 167.

Remondino, P. C, San Diego, Cal. Phymosis and the Prepuce. Pp. 16.—The Marine Climate of the Southern California Coast and its Relation to Phthisis. Pp. 58.

Richardson, E. L. Associated Dairying. Connecticut Board of Agriculture Report. Pp. 43.

Roberts, I. P., and Wing, Henry H. Growing Corn for Fodder and Ensilage. Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station. Pp. 15.

Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind., Eighth Annual Catalogue, 1889, 1890. Pp. 52.

Rosse, Irving G, M. D. Bathing and Boating Accidents. Chicago: American Medical Association. Pp. 7.

Suisse, Horaire Illustré (Swiss Illustrated Time Table). Zurich: Official General Inquiry Office. Sheet.

Shaffer, Virginia Conser. How to remember History. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. Pp. 143. $1.

Skilton, James A. Evolution of the Mechanic Arts. Boston: James A. West. Pp. 24. 10 cents.

Storrs. R. S., D. D. Our Nation's Work for the Colored People. New York: Holt Brothers. Pp. 22.

Thayer, William R. The Best Elizabethan Plays. Boston: Ginn & Co. Pp. 611. $1.40.

Thompson, Robert Ellis, D. D. The Life of George H. Stuart, written by Himself. Philadelphia: J. M. Stoddart & Co. Pp. 333, with Portrait.

Tolstoi, Count Leo. The Kreutzer Sonata. Boston: Benjamin R. Tucker. Pp. 143.

Ward, Lester F. The Course of Biological Evolution. Washington: Biological Society. Pp. 33.

Whiting, Harold. Experiments in Physical Measurement Cambridge: John Wilson & Son. Pp. 278.

Winslow. Arthur, State Geologist. Geological Survey of Missouri. Bulletin No. 1. Jefferson City. Pp. 85.

Zoe, a Biological Journal. Monthly. Vol. I, No. 2. San Francisco. Pp. 32, with Plate. 20 cents; $2 a year.

Zurcher, Rev. George, Buffalo Plains, N. Y. Handcuffs for Alcoholism, Pp. 132. 25 cents.