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I N D E X.

Abbott, Emerson, T. Ways, The, of Bees. (Corr.) 840
Aber, Mary Ailing. Experiment, An, in Education 377
Aber, Mary Ailing. Experiment, An, in Education 517
Agassiz at Penikese. D. S. Jordan 721
Air, Bad, and Bad Health. H. Wager and A. Herbert 814
"Breathe Pure. J. W. Quinby 192
Albatross, the Wandering, Habits of. (Misc.) 855
Allotropism in Alloys. (Misc.) 568
Animals, Amusements of. (Misc.) 861
"Domestic, in India.* J. L. Kipling 597
"in the Desert of Gobi. (Misc.) 141
"the Lower, Progress and Perfectibility in. E. P. Evans 170
Ant Mineralogist. (Misc.) 857
Artesian Wells and their Flow. (Misc.) 135
Ashley, Charles S. Progress, The, of the Silver Question. (Corr.) 413
Association of Official Geologists. (Misc.) 281
Astronomy. A. D. White 577
Astronomy. A. D. White 729
Atlantic Coast, Changes in Level of the. (Misc.) 281
Atkinson, Edward, and Edward T. Cabot. Personal Liberty 433

Bacteria, Determination and Cultivation of. (Misc.) 427
"in our Dairy Products. H. W. Conn 763
Baldness, Causes of. (Misc.) 284
Barber, Edwin Atlee. Recent Advances in the Pottery Industry* 289
"Rise, The, of the Pottery Industry* 145
Baths of the Accursed, The. (Misc.) 565
Bartrara, John and William, Sketch of* 827
Bees, The Ways of. (Corr.) E. T. Abbott. E. P. Evans 840
Benton, Warren G. Ethics, The, of Confucius 87
Bicycle, Righting the.* (Corr.) F. A. Fernald 267
Birds, The, of the Fame Islands. (Misc.) 138
Blanchard, E. Recent Oceanic Causeways 540
Bogy-hunting. (Editor's Table) 845
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 272
Books noticed 416
Books noticed 556
Books noticed 701
Books noticed 846
Agora, The 709
American Journal of Psychology, April, 1891 130
Anderson, Edward L. The Universality of Man's Appearance and Primitive Man 422
Arkansas. Report of the Geological Survey for 1888. J. C. Branner, State Geologist 560
Atkinson. J. C. The Last of the Giant-killers 561
Bacteriological World and Modern Medicine 852
Ball, Robert. The Cause of an Ice Age 556
Ball. Sir Robert S. Star-Land 848
Bandelier, A, F. Contributions to the History of the Southwestern Portion of the United States 422
Bardeen, C. W. The Teacher as he should be 709
Bien, H. M. Ben Beor, a Story of the Anti-Messiah 560
Blair, Andrew A. The Chemical Analysis of Iron 278
Blanchard, Rafael. Los Animales Parásitos introducidos por el Agua en el Organismo 131
Bodington, Alice. Studies in Evolution and Biology 128
Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen V. The Positive Theory of Capital 704
Bolles, Frank. The Land of the Lingering Snow 560
Brainard, F. R. The Sextant and other Reflecting Mathematical Instruments 562
Bronson, Thomas Bertrand. Colloquial German 709
Brooklyn Institute. Third Year-book, 1890-'91 422
Burton, Charles V. Introduction to Dynamics 131
Carpenter, William B. The Microscope and its Revelations 848
Carus, P. Homilies of Science 850
Chamberlain, A. F. Modern Languages and Classics in America and Europe 562
Chamberlain, Montague. A Popular Hand book of the Ornithology of the United States and Canada 702
Chart of the Metric System 423
Charts showing the Average Monthly Cloudiness in the United States 563
Charts showing the Probability of Rainy Days 563
Cobb, John Storer. The Torch and the Tomb 422
College of Science of the Imperial University of Japan. Journal, Vol. IV, Part I 130
Cooke, Josiah P. Laboratory Practice 277
Crummell, Alexander. Africa and America 846
Davis, J. Woodbridge. Dynamics of the Sun 423
Dole, Charles F. The American Citizen 132
Dufferin and Ava, The Marchioness of. My Canadian Journal, 1872-'78 701
Educational Papers by Illinois Science Teachers 134
Egleston, T. Catalogue of Minerals and Synonyms 419
Emtage, W. T. A. An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism 421
Evolution in Science and Art 272
Fall, Delos. An Introduction to Qualitative Chemical Analysis 708
Fiske, Amos K. Beyond the Bourn 279
Foster, Michael. Text-book of Physiology 277
Geikie, Archibald. Geological Sketches 848
Geografia per Tutti. A. Ghisleri, Editor 133
George, Henry. The Condition of Labor 562
Gibbins, H. De B. The History of Commerce in Europe 419
Goss, John Dean. The History of Tariff Administration in the United States 131
Griswold, W. M. Descriptive List of British Novels 851
Guillemin, Amédée. Electricity and Magnetism 705
Hamilton, Claude C, Editor. Muter's Manual of Analytical Chemistry 278
Harper, William Rainey, and Herbert Curling Tolman, Editors. Eight Books of Cæsar's Gallic War 133
Harper, W. R., and I. B. Burgess. Inductive Latin Primer 850
Hemstreet, William. Mind is Matter; or, the Substance of the Soul 419
Herbart, Johann Friedrich. A Text-book in Psychology 417
Hermetic Philosophy, Vol. II 849
Hinton, Richard J. Progress Report on Irrigation in the United States 129
Howard, John R. Henry Ward Beecher: a Study of his Personality, Career, and Influence in Public Affairs 280
Huling, Ray Greene. School and College 848
Hunt, Thomas Sterry. Systematic Mineralogy, based on a Natural Classification 557
Hutchinson, H. N. Story of the Hills 847
Jones, Alonzo T. The Two Republics; or, Rome and the United States of America 704
Jones, D. E. Elementary Lessons in Heat, Light, and Sound 278
Journal of American Archæology and Ethnology. J. Walter Fewkes, Editor 133
Journal of Morphology, Vol. IV, No. 3 421
Journal of Morphology, Vol. V, No. 1 422
Journal of Physiology. Michael Foster, Editor, Vol. XII 702
Kinmont, Alexander. The Natural History of Man and the Rise and Progress of Philosophy 274
Kittredge, A. O., Editor. The Metal-Worker Essays on House-heating by Steam, Hot Water, and Hot Air 420
Kolkin, Nils. Ethereal Matter; Electricity and Akasa 709
Langley, S. P. Studies in Aerodynamics 701
Lanin, E. B. Russian Traits and Terrors 850
Leighton, Caroline C. Intimations of Eternal Life 420
Little Tour in Ireland, A 561
Loewy, Benjamin. A Graduated Course of Natural Science, Part II 707
Lyons, Daniel. Christianity and Infallity; Both or Neither 703
MacQueary, Howard. Topics of the Times 276
Martin, G. H. Antidotes for Superstition 851
Maurice, F. War 132
Merrill, George P. Stones for Building and Decoration 418
Mills, Wesley. How to keep a Dog in the City 562
Mitchell, Ellen M. Study of Greek Philosophy 560
Moulton, Richard G. Address on the University Extension Movement 279
Nettleton, Edwin S. Report of Artesian and Underflow Investigation 129
New York Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin, No. 33, 708; Report for 1890 422
Nissen, Hartvig. The A B C of the Swedish System of Educational Gymnastics 709
Ochorowitz, J. Mental Suggestion 706
Olmsted, Denison. An Introduction to Natural Philosophy 275
Osborn, Herbert. The Pediculi and Mallophaga affecting Man and the Lower Animals 278
Ostwald, W. Solutions 706
Parker, William W. Instinct in Animals and Intelligence in Man contrasted 130
Parsons, James Russell, Jr. Prussian Schools through American Eyes 133
Peterman, Alexander L. Elements of Civil Government 279
Peters, Edward Dyer. Modern American Methods of Copper-smelting 707
Pick, Edward. Dr. Pick's Method applied to acquiring the French Language 563
Pierson, Arthur T. Stumbling-stones removed from the Word of God 133
Plympton, George W. How to become an Engineer 562
Poole, Joseph. The Practical Telephone Hand-book 707
Poole, W. H. and Mrs. Cookery for the Diabetic 850
Postmaster-General. Postal Savings-Banks; an Argument in their Favor 709
Putnam, George Haven. The Question of Copyright 126
Quarterly Register of Current History. Nos. 1, 2, and 3 133
Quarterly Register of Current History. Nos. 1, 2, and 3 563
Railway Law and Legislation. W. P. Canaday and G. B. West, Editors 709
Randall, J. E. Practical Treatise on the Incandescent Lamp 562
Reeve, Charles A. The Prison Question 127
Remondino, P. C. History of Circumcision 852
Ribot, Th. The Diseases of Personality 128
Richter, Victor von. Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds 275
Rickoff, A. J. First Lessons in Arithmetic 850
Ryder, John A. The Sturgeons and Sturgeon Industries of the Eastern Coast of the United States 127
Sadtler, Samuel P. A Hand-book of Industrial Organic Chemistry 418
Schuchardt, C. Schliemann's Excavations: An Archæological and Historical Study 558
Scientific American Cyclopædia of Receipts, Notes, and Queries. Albert A. Hopkins, Editor 559
Shaler, N. S. The Story of our Continent 708
Sheldon, Samuel. Chapters on Electricity 275
Siebel, J. E. Original Communications of the Zymotechnic Institute 278
Silberstein, S. J. The Universe and its Evolution 278
Sloane, T. O'Conor. Electricity simplified 707
Smith, Edgar F., and H. F. Keller. Experiments in General Chemistry 849
Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings. Parts XVIII and XIX 130
Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings. Parts XVIII and XIX 708
Stewart, Seth T. Plane and Solid Geometry 421
Swift, Morrison I. Problems of the New Life 132
Terry, James. Sculptured Anthropoid Ape Heads 423
Texas. Second Annual Report of the Geological Survey. E. T. Dumble, State Geologist 420
Thomas, H. J. Slide-Rule Perpetual Calendar 422
Tolstoi, Leo. Ivan the Fool 561
Trevert, Edward. Electricity and its Applications 131
Trimble, Henry. The Tannins 849
United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Report for 1887 851
United States Commissioner of Labor. Report for 1890 851
Vis Medicatrix. Woods Hutchinson, M. D., Editor 279
Weed, Clarence M. Insects and Insecticides 130
Weinberg, A. How to make a Trial Balance 563
Weismann, August. Essays upon Heredity and Kindred Biological Problems 847
Westermarck, Edward. The History of Human Marriage 416
Whiting, Harold. Short Course of Experiments in Physical Measurements, Parts III and IV 278
Whiting, Harold. Short Course of Experiments in Physical Measurements, Parts III and IV 561
Wilcox, Walter F. The Divorce Problem 131
Wilson. Daniel. The Right Hand: Left-handedness 276
Wilson, J. Radical Wrongs in the Precepts and Practices of Civilized Man 849
Winslow, J. O. The Principles of Agriculture 279
Wood, Henry Trueman. Light, an Elementary Treatise 562
Worthington, Slack. Politics and Property or Phronocracy 132
Wright, John A. The Practical Working and Results of the Inter-State Commerce Act 279
Wright, Lewis. Optical Projection 131
Wyatt, Francis. Phosphates of America 849
Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin, No. 1 708
Booth, James Curtis, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 116
Botany, Economic, Some of the Possibilities of. G. L. Goodale 57
Botany, Economic, Some of the Possibilities of. G. L. Goodale 207
Bowlders, Remarkable.* D. A. Wells 340
Branner, John O. Cotton Industry, The, in Brazil 666
British Association, The. (Misc.) 424

Canaries. (Misc.) 718
Carpet-weaving in Persia. (Misc ) 285
Caste, Origin of. (Misc.) 428
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 75
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 368
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 459
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 607
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 785
Central Asian Phenomena. (Misc.) 142
Chapin, J. H. Colors of Names. (Corr.) 414
Chinese Cookery. (Misc.) 716
"Emigration, Cause of. (Misc.) 575
"View of it, A. (Misc.) 138
Churchill, William. Reef-knot Nets* 83
Cities, Social Statistics of. C. D. Wright 607
Climate and Health. (Misc.) 711
"Variations in. W. H. Larrabee 804
Clocks and Watches, Evolution of. (Misc.) 282
Colors of Letters. (Corr.) J. S. Stevens 697
"Names. (Corr.) J. H. Chapin 414
Compass, the Mariner's, Earliest Use of. (Misc.) 860
Conn, IL W. Bacteria in our Dairy Products 763
Cotton Industry, The, in Brazil. J. C. Branner 666
Courtship in Torres Strait. (Misc.) 714
Cremation in Japan. (Misc.) 715
Crookes, William. Electricity in Relation to Science 497
Customs, Illustration of. (Misc.) 863
Cyclopean Structures in Oceania. (Misc.) 429

Darwinism in the Nursery. L. Robinson 674
Davis, William Morris. Lost Volcanoes, The, of Connecticut* 221
"Sketch of William Ferrel. (With Portrait) 686
Denudation, Different Effects of. (Misc.) 135
Dog's Tail, The Wagging of the. (Misc.) 574
Dogs, The Training of.* W. Mills 236
Dress and Adornment.* F. Starr 44
Dress and Adornment.* F. Starr 194
"Religions.* F. Starr 194
Du Bois-Reymond, Emil. Science and Fine Art 751
Durfee, William F. Manufacture, The, of Steel* 15
Dust. J. G. McPherson 251
Duthiers, De Lacaze. New Observations on the Language of Animals 528

Earthquake, The, of October, 1891, in Japan. (Corr.) J. K. Goodrich 696
"The Great, of Port Royal.* A. B. Ellis 774
Education and Ethics. (Editor's Table) 698
"An Experiment in. M. A. Aber 377
"An Experiment in. M. A. Aber 517
"The Preparatory Stage in, (Misc.) 567
Egyptian Identifications. (Misc.) 283
Electricity in Relation to Science. W. Crookes 497
Ellis, A. B. Great Earthquake, The, of Port Royal* 774
Eskimos, Stolidness of. (Misc.) 141
Ether, Nature of the. (Misc.) 430
Ethics, The, of Confucius. W. G. Benton 87
Evans, E. P. Progress and Perfectibility in the Lower Animals 170
"Ways, The, of Bees. (Corr.) 841
Evolution and Intelligence. (Editor's Table) 700
"and its Assailants. (Editor's Table) 414
"Intelligence and the Belief in. (Corr.) J. R. Thurston 696
Examinations, A Defense of. (Misc.) 710
Exhibition, An American, in Spain. (Misc.) 860

Fernald, Frederik A. Righting the Bicycle.* (Corr.) 267
Ferrel, William, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) W. M. Davis 686
Flowers, Origin of the Colors of. (Misc.) 717
Flying-machine, The Aviator.* G. Trouvé 392
Folk-lore Tales, Origin of. (Misc.) 430
Forest Reproduction in New England 283
"Growth after Fire. (Misc.) 857
Forests, Offices of. (Misc.) 566
Fossil Insects. (Misc.) 567

Gems, The, of the Ancients. (Misc.) 713
Geology, Do we teach? R. T. Hill 41
Glacial Formations, Classification of. (Misc.) 430
"Groovings, Remarkable. (Corr.) D. S. Marvin 842
Glaciers, Alpine, Oscillations of. (Misc.) 717
Goodale, George Lincoln. Some of the Possibilities of Economic Botany 57
Goodale, George Lincoln. Some of the Possibilities of Economic Botany 207
Goodrich, J. King. Earthquake, The, of October, 1891, in Japan. (Corr.) 696
Grammar-school Programme, Changes in the. (Misc.) 424
Graveyard Soil, Contamination of. (Misc.) 570
Guilds, Mediæval. (Misc.) 863
Guillemin, Amédée. Communication with the Planets 361
Guyot-Daubes. Stilts and Stilt-walking* 467
Gymnastics, Homely. A. B. Tweedy 524

Harvard Observatory Time-Service. (Misc.) 854
Health, Little Annoyances and. (Misc.) 428
"Safeguards of. (Editor's Table) 844
Henderson, C. H. Nationalization, The, of University Extension 500
"University Extension 1
Herbert, Auberon, and H. Wager. Bad Air and Bad Health 814
High Life 108
Hill, Robert T. Do we teach Geology? 41
Holy Stones of the East and the West. (Misc.) 286
Hundred Miles an hour. (Misc.) 857

Iceberg Formation, An Overlooked Mode of. (Misc.) 570
Instincts, The, of Cattle. (Misc.) 568
Intellectual Liberty, The Attack on, in Germany. (Editor's Table) 842
Involuntary Movements.* J. Jastrow 743

Jackson, Edward Payson. Moral Educability 647
Jade, Native, in Europe. (Misc.) 284
Jastrow, Joseph. Involuntary Movements 743
Jordan, David Starr. Agassiz at Penikese 721
"Story, The, of a Strange Land* 447
Jupiter and the Comets. (Misc.) 565

Kelley's Island Groove, The. (Corr.) M. C. Younglove 267
Kipling, John Lockwood. Domestic Animals in India* 597

Language of Animals, New Observations on the. De Lacaze Duthiers 528
Larrabee, W. H. Variations in Climate 804
Lepers in the Middle Ages. (Misc.) 566
Liebig, Justus von: an Autobiographical Sketch 655
Life-saving Service, The United States. (Misc.) 711
Life, Wild, in the Snow. (Misc.) 139
Lightning, Artificial Globular. (Misc.) 570
Lobster-fishery, The Future of the. (Misc.) 142
Loomis, Elias, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 405
Lost Volcanoes, The, of Connecticut.* W. M. Davis 221

Marvin, D. S. Remarkable Glacial Groovings. (Corr.) 842
McPherson, J. P. Dust 251
Mann, J. B. Silk Dresses and Eight Hours' Work 245
Marsupial Mole, The Australian.* E. Trouessart 650
Martin, Horace T. Musk Ox, The* 364
Melanesian Ghosts. (Misc.) 570
Mendeleef, Dimitri Ivanovitch, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 261
Mesopotamian Desert, The. (Misc.) 284
Metals, Utilizing the Less-known. (Misc.) 718
Mills, Wesley. Training, The, of Dogs* 236
Monkey Language, The. (Misc.) 137
Moral Educability. E. P. Jackson 647
Musical Instruments—The Organ.* D. Spillane 623
"The Piano-forte.* D. Spillane 473
"Orchestral.* D. Spillane 793
Musk Ox, The.* H. T. Martin 364

New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 323
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 577
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 729
Numismatics, Astronomy and. (Misc.) 283

Obituary Notes. William Ferrell, Martin Duncan, L. Just, Francis Brunnow, Dr. Barclay 288
Cardinal Haynald, Edouard Lucas, Félix Hément, Charles Smith Wilkinson 432
William B. Watson, Percy W. Myles, Thomas Wharton Jones, Philip Herbert Carpenter 576
A. de Quatrefages, Jean Servais Stas, H. K. H. Hoffmann, Edouard Mailly, Harvey Goodwin, Joseph Lovering 720
Thomas Sterry Hunt, Sir George Biddell Airy, Émile de Laveleye, Duke of Devonshire, John Couch Adams, James Augustus Grant 864
Oceanic Causeways, Recent. E. Blanchard 540
Oil Paintings, Durability of. (Misc.) 862
Onion, Bermuda, Cultivation of the. (Misc.) 854
Opium-smoking, A Defense of. (Misc.) 716
Optics, Wayside.* C. A. Wood 616
Organic Variation a Chemical Problem. (Misc.) 712
Ornament.* F. Starr 44
Ornamentation, Excess of. (Misc.) 861

Painting, The Origin of. L. Popoff 100
Paper, Tests of. (Misc.) 425
Peabody Museum of Archæology. (Misc.) 853
Peroxide of Hydrogen, Properties of. (Misc.) 427
Personal Liberty. E. Atkinson and E. T. Cabot 433
Phosphorus in Plants and Animals. (Misc.) 285
Photography, Value of. (Misc.) 714
Planets, Communication with the. A. Guillemin 361
Playing-cards, Japanese. (Misc.) 136
Political Justice. (Editor's Table) 270
Popoff, Lazar. Origin, The, of Painting 100
Poppy, Cultivation of the. (Misc.) 571
Population, Our, and its Distribution. C. D. Wright 368
"The, of the Earth 400
"Urban. C. D. Wright 459
Potlach, The Uses of. (Misc.) 569
Pottery Industry, Recent Advances in the.* E. A. Barber 289
"The Rise of the.* E. A. Barber 145
Preservation of delicately Colored Specimens. (Misc.) 854

Quinby, J. W. Breathe Pure Air 192

Races, Two Ancient. (Misc.) 286
Railroad, Evolution on the. (Misc.) 572
Railway Accidents for 1889-'90. (Misc.) 855
Railroads, South American. (Misc.) 281
Rainfall by Explosion. (Misc.) 573
Rapid Transit. C. D. Wright 785
"Rare Earths," The, in America. (Misc.) 571
Reasoner, Is Man the only? J. Sully 506
Reef-knot Nets.* W. Churchill 83
Religious Ideas of Savages. (Misc.) 858
River Channels, Ancient. (Misc.) 564
Roads, Chinese. (Misc.) 856
Robinson, Louis, M. D. Darwinism in the Nursery 674
Ross, P. D. Type-casting Machines* 180

Sanitary Mistakes. (Misc.) 859
Scharf Library, The, of Johns Hopkins. (Misc.) 136
Science and Fine Art. E, Du Bois-Reymond 751
Scientific Meetings, A Group of. (Editor's Table) 125
Sewage, Purification of. (Misc.) 282
Sheep and Cows, Non-drinking. (Misc.) 287
Silk Dresses and Eight Hours' Work. J. B. Mann 245
"Gauzes, Manufacture of. (Misc.) 855
Silver Question, The Progress of the. (Corr.) C. S. Ashley 413
Slavic Marriage Forecasts. (Misc.) 429
Snake-myths. (Misc.) 713
Species, Man's Agency in the Extermination of. (Misc.) 426
Spiders as Marplots. (Misc.) 863
Spillane, Daniel. Musical Instruments—The Organ* 623
""The Piano-forte* 473
""Orchestral* 793
Starr, Frederick. Ornament* 44
"Religious Dress* 194
Stars, The Universe of 545
Steel, The Manufacture of.* W. F, Durfee 15
Stevens, James S. Colors of Letters. (Corr.) 697
Stilts and Stilt-walking.* Guyot-Daubes 467
Story, The, of a Strange Land.* D. S. Jordan 447
Strong Man, The. (Editor's Table) 268
Sully, James. Is Man the only Reasoner? 506
Sulphur in Sicily. (Misc.) 575
Superstitions, Ancient, in Italy. (Misc.) 567
Swords, Famous Japanese. (Misc.) 137

Tail-like Formations in Men* 347
Theology and Political Economy. A. D. White 323
Thurston, John R. Intelligence and the Belief in Evolution. (Corr.) 696
Time-reckoning on the Congo. (Misc.) 572
Tombs, Royal, of Uganda. (Misc.) 861
Torture, Mediæval Instruments of. (Misc.) 858
Tramp Colonies. (Editor's Table) 271
Trouessart, E. Australian Marsupial Mole, The* 650
Trouvé, G. Aviator Flying-machine, The* 392
Tweedy, Alice B. Homely Gymnastics 524
Type-casting Machines.* P. D. Ross 180

University Extension. C. H. Henderson 1
"(Editor's Table) 123
"and the State. (Editor's Table) 554
University Extension Lectures on Science. (Misc.) 575
"The Nationalization of. C. H. Henderson 500

Voice, Character of the. (Misc.) 859
Voodoo Imitation, A. (Misc.) 715

Wager, Harold, and A. Herbert. Bad Air and Bad Health 814
Water in Motion, Power of. (Misc.) 856
Waves, Some Characteristics of. (Misc.) 574
Weber, William Edward, Sketch of. (with Portrait) 548
Weddings among the Shushwap Indians. (Misc.) 573
Weeds, The Travels of. (Misc.) 136
Wells, David A. Remarkable Bowlders'* 340
White, Andrew Dickson. Astronomy 577
White, Andrew Dickson. Astronomy 729
"Theology and Political Economy 323
Women, Where, rule. (Misc.) 140
Wood, Casey A., M. D. Wayside Optics* 616
Woods, Tests of. (Misc.) 285
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 75
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 368
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 459
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 607
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 785
"Our Population and its Distribution 368
"Urban Population 459
"Social Statistics of Cities 607
"Rapid Transit 785
Wright, Prof., in the British Association (Misc.) 426

Younglove, M. C. Kelley's Island Groove, The. (Corr.) 267