Popular Science Monthly/Volume 43/July 1893/Obituary Notes

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Ludwig Lindenschmit, a distinguished German archaeologist, who died at Mainz, February 14th, in his eighty-fourth year, was director and one of the founders of the Central Romano German Museum of Mainz; one of the editors of the Archiv für Anthropologie; and author of works on German archæology. He began a general handbook on the subject, but completed only the volume relating to the Merovingian period. He was an advocate of the theory that the Aryan race is of European origin.

M. Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de Candolle, the famous botanist, died in Geneva, Switzerland, April 9th. He was born in Paris in 1806, but spent most of his life in Geneva, where he became famous as an author and authority in his special branch.