Popular Science Monthly/Volume 43/October 1893/Publications Received

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Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins: Michigan. Potatoes, by P. M. Harwood. Pp. 20.—Massachusetts. Meteorological Summary. May and June, 1892-1893. Pp. 8.—Iowa. Various Articles. Pp. 84.

"A. L. A." Library. Catalogue, 5,000 volumes for a Popular Library. Washington: U. S. Bureau of Education. Pp. 200.

The Altruistic Review. Monthly. Chicago. Pp. 45. 20 cents; $2 a year.

American Chemical Society. Journal. March, 1893. Pp. 40. $5 a year.

Arnold, Matthew. Sohrab and Rustum. American Book Company. Pp. 44. 20 cents.

Beal, Dr. W. J. Report of the Botanical Department, etc.. University of Michigan Pp. 37.

Bolton, Henry Carrington. A Select Bibliography of Chemistry, 1492-1892. Washington: Smithsonian Institution. Pp. 1212.

Bottome, S. R. Electricity and Magnetism. A Popular Introduction. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 203. 90 cents.

Bradley, F. n. Appearance and Reality. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 558. $1.75.

Clerke, Agnes M. A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century. London: Adam and Charles Black. Pp. 573.

Cleveland, The Duchess of. The True Story of Kaspar Hauser. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 112. $1.50.

Cummins, W. F. Notes on the Geology of Northwest Texas. Austin: Geological Survey of Texas. Pp. 60. LITERARY NOTICES.


��Dean, Bashford. Report on the European Methods of Oyster Culture. Washington : United States Fish Commission. Pp. 48, with Plates.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. The American Scholar, Self-Reliance, Compensation. American Book Company. Pp. 108. 20 cents.

Employer and Employed. Quarterly. Pp. 16. Boston: George H. Ellis. 10 cents; 40 cents a year.

Femow, B. E. Report of the Chief of the Di- vision of Forestry for 1893. Washington ; Gov- ernment Printing Oflice. Pp. 64.

Fitting, The Principle of. By a Foreman Pat- tern Maker. Macmillan & Co. Pp.318. $1.50.

Ginn & Co., Boston. Bulletin of Publications in the Modern Languages.

Graham, Douglas. Recent Developments in Massage. Detroit, Mich.: George S. Davis. Pp. 128. (Physicians' Leisure Library. $2.50 a year.)

Grinnell, George Bird. Pawnee Mythology. Pp. 17.

Harkness, James, and Morley, ^ rank. Theory of Functions. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 507.

Harper, W. R., and Castle, C. F. Greek Prose Composition. American Book Company. Pp. 127. 75cents.

Harrington, C. W. Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau for 189S. Washington: Govern- ment Printing Office. Pp. 80.

Harris, W. T., Commissioner. Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1889-'99. Washing- ton: Government Printing Office. 2 vols. Pp. 1724.

Hawkins, C. C, and Wallis, F. The Dynamo; its Theory, Design, and Manufacture. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 520.

Hayes, M. H. The Points of the Horse. Mac- millan & Co. Pp. 38. $10 bO.

Himes, Prof. C. F. The Scientific Expert in Forensic Procedure. Pp. 32.

Hollick, Arthur. Contribution on Cretaceous Formation of Long Island and Eastward. Pp. 16, with Plates.— Plant Distribution as a Factor in the Interpretation of Glacial Phenomena. Pp. 16.

Horsford, E. N. and Cornelia. Leif s House in Vineland. — Graves of the Northmen. Boston: Damrell & Upham. Pp. 40, with Plates.

Imperial University of Japan. Journal of the College of Science (Anatomy of the Liniproliaccte, by Sadahisa Matsuda). Pp. 86, with Plates.

Johnston, W. J. Elementary Treatise on Ana- lytical Geometry. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 425.

"Land, The, shall not be sold forever." Re- print from Canadian Methodi.st. Quarterly. Pp. 8.

MacDonald, Arthur. Abnormal Men. Wash- ington: Bureau of Education. Pp.445.

Mach, Dr. Ernst. The Science of Mechanics. Chicago : Open Court Publishing Company. Pp. 534. 5J2.50.

Magazine and Book Reference. Quarterly. New York: Society of Pedagogy. Pp.8.

Maginnis, A. J. The Atlantic Ferry. Mac- millan & Co. Pp. 208. 75 cents.

Marlatt, C. L. Report on Useful and Injurious Insects, etc. Pp. 32. — Report on Wine-making in France. Pp. 60.

Martin, H. T. Castorologia (the Canadian Beaver). Montreal: William Drysdale «fc Co. Pp. 2.S8.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bos- ton. Description. Pp. 39.— Annual Report. Pp. 81.— Annual Catalogue. Pp. 256.

Maycock, W. P. Electiic Lighting and Power Distribution, Part III. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 148, with blanks. 75 cents.

Morrow, J. T., and Reid, Thorburn. Arith- metic of Magnetism and Electricity. Lynn, Mass. ; Bubier Publishing Co. Pp. 145. $1.

��New England Weather Service. Bulletin for June, 1893. J. W. Smith, Director.

Newton, Alfred, and Gadow, Hans, and others. A Dictionary of Birds. Part I, A to G. London: Adam and Charles Black. Pp. 304. $2.60.

North Dakota Weather and Crop Service. June, 1893. Bismarck. Pp. 15, with Plate.

Oaspe, Selections from. Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy. Boston. Pp. 23.

Riley, C. V. Report of the Entomologist, United "states Department of Agriculture for 1892. Pp. 30, with Plates. — The Yucca Moth and Yucca Pollination. Pp. 60, with Plates. — Parasitism in Insects. Pp. 35. — Various Papers on Lachnosterna ; A New Herbarium Pest ; Certain Peculiar Struc- tures of Lepidoptera ; The Department of Agri- culture and Apiculture ; The Elm-leaf Beetle ; Coleopterous Larvie ; New Species of Prodoxidse; On the Ox Bot in the United States. Pp. 4 to 16 each.

Ritchie, David G. Darwin and Hegel, etc. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 285.

Savage, R. H. The Passing Show. New York and Chicago : F. Tennyson Neely. Pp. 326. 50 cents.

Society, The, for Psychical Research. Trans- actions. June, 1893. London. Pp. 234. Zs. M.

Stowell, C. H., Editor. Food. Monthly. New York : The Clover Publishing Co. Pp. 48. 20 cents. $2 a year.

Swinton, William. A School History of the United States. American Book Co. Pp. 383. 90 cents.

Tebb, William. The Recrudescence of Lep- rosy. London: Swan, Sonuenschein & Co. Pp. 412.

Technical Society of the Pacific Coast. Trans- actions. San Francisco. Pp. 60.

Thorpe, F. N. Benjamin Franklin and the University of Pennsylvania. Washington : Bu- reau of Education. Pp. 450, with Plates.

Thorpe. J. E. A Dictionary of Applied Chem- istry, Vol. III. New York : Longmans, Green & Co Pp. 1058. $20.

Topinard, Dr. Paul. L'Anthropologie aux Etats Unis (.Anthropology in the United^States). Paris. Pp. 48.

United States Geological Survey. Report for ]889-'90. 2 vols. Pp. 7.57 and 395.— Lesquereux's Flora of the Dakota Group. Pp. 897.— Papers on the Geology of New Jersay, by R. P. Whitfield. Pp. 402.— Bulletins, 82 to 85, and 90 to 96 (Correl- ative Papers on the Cretaceous, by C. A. White ; on the Eocene, by W. B. Clark ; on the Neocene, by W. H. Dall ; on the Newark System, by I. C. Russell ; Report of Work done in Chemistry and Physics, by W. P. Clarke ; Record of North American (Jeology for 1890. by N. H. Dayton ; the Compressibility of Liquids, by Carl Barus ; Insects from the Tertiaries of Colorado and Utah, by S. H. Scudder ; The Mechanism of Solid Viscosity, by Carl Barus ; Earthquakes in California in 18!j0 and 1891, by E. S. Holden ; The Volume Thermo- dynamics of Liquids, by Curl Barus).

United States National Museum Publications. A New Species of Cyprinoid Ush, by D. S. Jor- dan ; Diatomacea? from off Delaware Bay, by Albert Mann ; Throwing Sticks from Mexico and California, by O. T. Mason ; The Gray Shiikc, by Leonhard Stejneger ; Krian (Devonian) Plants, etc., by D. P. Penhallow; Report on Actiniie, by J. P. McMurrich ; Fossil Plants from the Fort Union Group, Montana, by F. H. Knowlton.

United States Navy. Catalogue of the Exhib- its in the Museum of Hygiene, Medical Depart- ment. Compiled by P. S. Wales. Pp. 136.

Ward, C. J., Honorary CommLssioner. Jamaica at Chicago. Pp. 95, with Map.

Warden, Florence. A Terrible Family. New York: International News Company. Pp. 311. 50 cents.

�� � Weld, L. G. A Short Course in the Theory of Determinants. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 238.

Wickersham. James. Tacoma, Wash. Is it Mount Tacoma, or Rainier? Pp. 34.

World's Columbian Exposition. Department of Engineering. Official Programme. Pp. 32.

Wright, C. H., and Dewar, O., Editors. Johnson's Gardener's Dictionary. New revised edition. Part II. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 128. 40 cents.