Popular Science Monthly/Volume 47/October 1895/Publications Received

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Agricultural Experiment Stations—Reports and Bulletins. Connecticut: The Elm-Leaf Beetle; The San José Scale. Pp. 16—Cornell University: Cherries. By L. H. Bailey and O. H. Powell. Pp. 32.—Massachusetts (Hatch Experiment Station): Commercial Fertilizers. Pp. 8.—Michigan: Crimson Clover, etc. Pp. 40; Fertilizer Analysis. Pp. 16.—Nebraska: Annual Report of the Botanist. By Charles E. Bessey. Pp. 24.—New Jersey: Report of the Botanical Department. By Byron D. Halsted. Pp. 140.—New York: Feeding Laying Hens. Pp. 18.—The Lutovka Cherry. P. 1.—North Dakota: Second Annual Report of the Weather Service. Pp. 28.—Weather and Crop Service, June, and July. Pp. 16 each.—Ohio: Noxious Weeds along Thoroughfares and their Destruction. Pp. 8.—Purdue University: Commercial Fertilizers. Pp. 8, with Chart.

American Journal. The, of Sociology. Albin W. Small, Editor. Vol. I, No. 1. July, 1895. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Pp. 112. 15 cents. $3 a year.

Ashley, Charles S. The Financial Question. Toledo, Ohio. Pp. 103.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Publications. Vol. VII, No. 43. Pp. 20, with several Plates.

Bay. J. Christian. Investigations concerning the Ætiology of Smallpox. Pp. 10.

Beat, F. E. L. Preliminary Report on the Food of Woodpeckers; and the Tongues of Woodpeckers. By F. A. Lucas. U. S. Department of Agriculture. Pp. 10, with Plates.

Carus, Paul. The Gospel of Buddha, according to Old Records. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company. Pp. 276. $1.

Clare, L. Pierce, M.D., Middletown, Conn. Some Observations on an Epidemic of Typhus Fever. Pp. 27.—The Flechsig Method in the Treatment of Insane Epileptics. Pp. 24.

Committee of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Report on the Climates and Baths of Great Britain. Vol. I. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 640. $6.50.

Crosby, W. O. Tables for the Determination of Common Minerals. Boston: The Author. Pp. 106.

Daniell, Alfred, A Textbook of the Principles of Physics Third edition. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 783. $4.

Donaldson, Henry Herbert. The Growth of the Brain. London: Walter Scott Pp. 874.

Doyle, A. Conan. The Stark Munro Letters. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 385.

Eliot, Henrietta R., and Blow, Susan E. The Mottoes and Commentaries of Friedrich Froebel's Mother Play. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 310.

Frei, G. D., Editor. The Public Schools. Vol. I, No. 5. Clarksville, Tenn.: W. P. Titus. Pp. 16. 5 cents.

Green, Mason E. Are we losing the West? Boston: Charles E. Brown & Co. Pp. 81. 10 cents.

Harrop, II. B., and Wallis, Louis A. The Forces of Nature. Columbus, Ohio: Harrop & Wallis. Pp. 159. $1.25.

Holbrook, Dr. M. L. Hæmatoblasts and Blood Platelets. Pp. 10.

Hussey, W. J. A Study of the Physical Characteristics of Comet Rordame. Pp. 24.

Iowa Health Bulletin. J. F. Kennedy, Editor. August, 1895. Des Moines. Pp. 16.

James, Joseph F. Washington, D. C.: Fossil Fungi. Pp. 5.—Remarks on the Genus Anthrophycus, Hall. Pp. 5.—Daimonelix, or "Devil's Corkscrew," and Other Fossils. Pp. 10.—The St. Peter's Sandstone. Pp. 20.—The Genus Fucoides. Pp. 20. All with Plates.

Jarvis, Josephine, Translator. Friedrich Froebel's Pedagogics of the Kindergarten. New York: D. Appleton A Co. Pp. 337, with Plates.

Mace, William H. A Working Manual of American History for Teachers and Students. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 297.

Michigan Mining School, Houghton. Prospectus of Elective Studies. Pp. 50.

Morgan, Thomas J. Patriotic Citizenship. American Book Company. Pp. 367. $1.

Old South Leaflets. The English Bible. (Extracts from Different Versions.) Pp. 20.

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. The Course in Practical Chemistry. Prospectus. Pp. 21.

Quinn, Rev. D. A., Providence, R. I. Stenotypy, or Shorthand for the Typewriter. Second improved edition. Pp. 55.

Revue Franco-Americain. New York: E. T. Gurchy, 63 Fifth Avenue. Pp. 123. $1 a copy; $10 a year.

Roark, Runic N. Psychology in Education. American Book Company. Pp. 312. $1.

Scientific Alliance of New York. Fifth Annual Directory. Pp. 54. 25 cents.

Singleton, M. T. Gravitation and Cosmological Law. Atlanta, Ga. Pp. 23.

Starr, Frederick. Summary of the Archæology of Iowa. Pp. 124. Comparative-Religion Notes. Pp. 53.

Syms, L. C. First Year in French. American Book Company. Pp. 128. 50 cents.

Thompson, W. Gilman. Practical Dietetics. with Special Reference to Diet in Disease. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 802.

Tennessee State Board of Health Bulletin. Nashville, August 20, 1895. Pp. 16.

Udden, Prof. J. A. A Geological Section across the Northern Part of Illinois. Pp. 82,

United states Coast and Geodetic Survey. Notice to Mariners. (Chart Corrections.) Pp. 8.

United States Geological Survey. Fourteenth Annual Report of the Director, J. W. Powell Part I. Pp. 321; Pan II. Accompanying Papers. Pp. 597, with Maps.—Mineral Products of the United States. Chart.

Ward, Lester F. The Nomenclature Question. Pp. 20.

Watkins, James L. Production and Price of Cotton for One Hundred Years. U. S. Department of Agriculture. Pp. 20.

White, Frances Emily. The American Medical Woman. Pp. 16.

White, Francis A. Outline Studies in the History of the United States. American Book Company. 30 cents.

Willis, Bailey. The Northern Appalachians. American Book Company. Pp. 32. 20 cents.